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Oct 15, 2009 01:59 PM

Fireplace in Philadelphia (bar, not restaurant)

Okay, we're looking at four days of cold and rain and we're temporarily without heat in our house - not a problem during the workweek, but we're going into the weekend + aren't wanting to spend all day at home. So - we're looking for a bar/lounge in Philadelphia (not Jersey, not burbs) with a real working fireplace - anywhere from deep South Philly to Mount Airy to Manayunk, to the far Northeast.

1) Absolute must: Fireplace that's working and has a fire!
2) Decent drinks or cheap drinks, I'm good with either
3) Food - sure
4) Comfortable seats - nice, not required, but nice
5) Atmosphere - whatever - dive bar, pub, hipster, biker bar, any will do - goal here is warm!

That's it. Simple requirements. What have you got for me?



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  1. James? I'm not a fan of the food there but the bar is very nice and they have a fireplace.

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    1. re: Buckethead

      Thanks - good call. Need to clarify my requirement: more divey than that. Should be a fleece-acceptable venue :-D Thanks!

    2. Excellent topic. I'm obsessed with fireplaces! Here you go:

      1) Devil's Den - bar with a fireplace, open on both sides - so you can feel the heat if you are sitting in the bar or in the dining room. They have an extensive great beer list. It's on the corner of 11th and Ellsworth in South Philly. food is blah (wouldn't call it bad, but it's just nothing special).

      2) Mahogony - cigar bar (if you can handle it) with a great selection of whiskies/bourbons/scotch. it's an upscale kind of place, and i'm not sure if they have food. but they do have a fireplace and that is your your #1 requirement.

      3) James - upscale dining, however...they have a GREAT lounge/bar area with a fireplace that is much more toned down and relaxed. They have a great bar/lounge menu if you are interested in eating.

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      1. re: micreynolds

        great list. thanks. will see where we end up Saturday and/or Sunday as the rain continues here in Philly + snow begins falling in the Poconos. And it's only October! Might make these places seasonal regular destinations...

        1. re: micreynolds

          I agree about Devil's Den: great beer list and fireplace, food will fill your belly but that's about it.

        2. I might not be remembering correctly, but doesn't Plough and the Stars have a fireplace?

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          1. re: Philly Ray

            Race Street Cafe has a fireplace. Also, decent bar food and great beers on tap. My favorite bar when the weather is cold and crappy.

            1. re: phillyjules

              Race Street Cafe's fireplace is amazing. Great place to go on a cold crappy evening.

            2. re: Philly Ray

              Yes, the P&S has a fireplace. Not very comfy seating though...

            3. XIX has a great fireplace atmosphere

              1. Standard Tap in Northern Liberties. They have a fireplace in the upstairs bar area, but I don't remember how many seats are around it. I've sat near it at the bar and it's been warm and cozy. Great food.

                Standard Tap
                901 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

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                1. re: croutonpiggy

                  McGillin's!! How could that not have been number 1???

                  1. re: doxiemom

                    Gonna be crazy at McGillian's this weekend due to the Phillies!