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Oct 15, 2009 01:54 PM

Parisienne Bakery in Hartsdale

I went past the Parisienne today and noticed that the windows were papered over. Does anyone know if they have gone out of business?

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  1. No great loss to the Chowish. It was a mediocre Chinese bakery with less-than-mediocre French pastry. There are better options for both in the vicinity.Try Golden Village market on Central Avenue for the former and La Renaissance or Lulu in Scarsdale for the latter.

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    1. re: surman

      It's a Japanese bakery. Can you please name another Japanese bakery in the area that has melon pan, curry pan, Japanese style sandwiches...etc???

      1. re: pabboy

        Parisienne sends their stuff out to Daido in White Plains, Fuji Mart in Eastchester/Scarsdale, and Tanto in Eastchester.

        1. re: MikiLovesSugar

          I know but their selection and supply is limited. They are all farther then Parisienne from my place. By the time I made it to Daido early afternoon yesterday, they were all out of melon pan!

    2. It was a Japanese bakery, and I really liked it :-( I really hope they didn't close!!!

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      1. re: MikiLovesSugar

        Thanks, but we live in Scarsdale, so I'm (far too) familiar with the pastry spots in town. By the way, there 's a new bakery across the street from the recently opened Chat Restaurant, but I haven't been in there yet. I agree that the pastry was sometimes a little weird at the Parisienne, but they had some very nice stuff. And I must admit I was fascinated by Japanese bakers interpretation of French pastry.

        1. re: Maryld

          The "new" shop on Christie Place is actually the bakery department of DiCicco's.

      2. They closed a over a week ago, I believe last Friday. Ironically, we were there on their last day. While not a place I would typically get cakes and such, the savory pastries were quite delicious, especially the curry buns and the egg and scallion brioche.
        Fortunately, they will continue to sell their baked goods at the market next door -- at least thats what the owner told me. Its so sad seeing a business close, and its too bad its happening a lot lately.

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        1. re: RawTunaFan

          Yes, there are lots of closed businesses up and down Central Ave--not a very good sign. Also happened to notice that the Brazilian place (where we ate once or twice several years ago) closed and something called El Dorado III is supposed to open. Lastly, anyone with any ideas about what is is going to happen to the old Central Square Cafe on the corner of Ardsley and Central?

          1. re: Maryld

            I have no idea what is happening with the old Central Sq (it looks like *something* is going on), but El Dorado III must be another El Dorado Diner like they have in Elmsford and Tarrytown.

            1. re: scarsdalesurprise

              When I was trying to find El Dorado online in NY, I came across a BBQ chain. That would be a nice addition instead of yet another uninspiring diner.

              1. re: scarsdalesurprise

                The old Central Square was torn down this week.... no idea what will take its place. That's 2 buildings torn down on this street (the other being the old Mont Parnasse where the TD bank is now), not to mention that up the road from here the original Carvel was torn down this past summer.

                1. re: iluvcookies

                  The man who owned Mont Parnasse bought Central Square Cafe and drove that place into the ground with his concept of a "hybrid" restaurant--part diner and part upscale. I still get angry thinking about it. Anway...I thought I read that the Japanese hibachi place that bought the old Carvel spot was going to use part of the Carvel store
                  in the building. I was under the impression it was a landmark??

                  1. re: Maryld

                    IMHO Carvel should have been a landmark... but the reality is that it was razed to the ground. A new building is going up.

                    That "new" Mont Parnasse wasn't even close to the old one, which DH and I were so fond of.

                  2. re: iluvcookies

                    Central Square/Montparnasse is supposed to become a Walgreen's, as mentioned previously in this thread.

                2. re: Maryld

                  Central Square, in its day a great addition to the neighborhood, became another victim of pre-recession commercial real estate greed; it closed a long time ago and was supposed to be the site of a Walgreen's -- as if the area needs (or can profitably support) more drug stores, nail salons, dry cleaners and bank branches.No evidence of progress on that transition, but the parking lot has been used as a convenient staging area for the repaving of Ardsley Road!

                  The same owners previously sold their nearby Montparnasse Diner -- now the site of TD Bank -- "merged" it into an odd hybrid diner and restaurant at a badly redecorated Central Square. It wasn't very good after that.

                  The Brazilian restaurant was Braseiro Churrascaria‎. It closed several weeks ago.

                  1. re: surman

                    back in the 1990's michael psilakis was the chef at central square, he has gone on to be well know chef /owner in nyc, tv obama etc etc

                    1. re: surman

                      We used to go to Central Square a lot since the food was good, and it was a good looking place close to us that was open late. I didn't realize that Psilakis was the chef in those days. The "merger" of the diner and what was a sleek restaurant/singles bar was a total disaster destined to fail. I don't know where, and why restaurateurs come up with these harebrained schemes. Wouldn't it be nice if Psilakis were to buy it?

                      1. re: Maryld

                        hes on a different trqck now psilakis

                        1. re: intrepid

                          Yes, but wouldn't it be fun if he decided to take a page out of the Batali/Bastianich playbook??

                  2. re: RawTunaFan

                    Tell me about it, when the Bookoff closed across the street, (about a year ago) I almost cried (If the Manhattan branch didn't exist, I pobably would have).

                    1. re: jumpingmonk

                      There's Safari Books on Mamaroneck Ave in White Plains. A few doors down from Daido and Sushi Nanase.

                      1. re: pabboy

                        Thanks for the tip pabboy. I visted the bookstore today. Not bad but more like Asaiya or Kinokuniya than like Bookoff (What I loved about bookoff wasnt that is sold Japanese books, but that it sold used (and therfore often out of print) japanese books)

                        On the other hand I LOVED Daido and Will have to make a point of visiting there again soon. (It will be nice to have a nearby store to go to where, in thier season, I KNOW I can get fresh yuzu when I need it (Ninjiya never got more than one or two in at a time so it was luck of the draw there) Oh and the bakery's offers were still in wrappers marked "parisienne" so it looks like the bakery is still supplying them as well.

                  3. go to enricos bakery next to duane reade in hartsdale

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                    1. re: intrepid

                      Enrico's, while quite good, is NOT a Japanese bakery by any stretch.

                      1. re: iluvcookies

                        yes thats true, ts abakery in hartsdale, thanks for the heads up lolololol, this thread is not about japanese bakeries