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Oct 15, 2009 01:33 PM

Saturday Night dinner in Sleepy Hollow or Tarrytown

In a couple of weeks on a Saturday night we are going to Legend Night at Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow with another family and then planning dinner afterward - around 8p.

The two children are both nine and well mannered. I'm interested in recs for a place where we can relax and talk and not feel rushed, good food and a decent wine list. Nothing too upscale or grown up though please.

All cuisines welcome except Japanese.


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  1. Que Chula es Puebla in SH for Mexican. The Thai place on Beekman is also good (under new ownership, so I don't remember the name). don't know the wine situation, however. You might do better for wine in Tarrytown, which I'll leave to others.

    If you'd consider driving North a bit, maybe Goldfish in Ossining would do the trick? What do others think (I've never been there with kids). It's seafood oriented, however, so that'd depend on your kiddos!

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    1. re: Nancy C

      I like this Mexican also. Kid friendly but you are not rushed and Mexican is really yummy. ANd its close

      1. re: mfenimore

        Not rushed is an understatement! Service is v-e-r-y v-e-r-y s-l-o-w! I agree that the food is very good though. I don't recall the wine list, but I loved the Mexican Sangria, made with a splash of tequila.

      2. re: Nancy C

        how does Que Chula compare to the new Abuelita's in Ossining? I think are probably one of the few who has been to both. I've only walked past que chula when I was doing my empanada expedition. It seemed nice inside - not the typical dive mexican (which, btw, isn't a bad thing to me).

        1. re: adamclyde

          have not been to the new place in Ossining-but the one in SH is definitely not a dive. The food is definitely a step above greasy Mexican

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            Que Chula is "restaurant" with formal seating, a bar, live music on certain nights, and seating for 50+ people I imagine. Food has been fine the two time we've been there - a step up fro the usual refried/saucy/heavy stuff.

            Los Abuelos (that's the correct name) is a small (seats 15?), informal place. They can sell beer, no liquor. Family-run (the kids were doing their homework at a counter the other night when we went). TV's on with soccer, baseball, Spanish soap operas, etc. I've only eaten there once (the soft tacos) so can't say how they handle more "formal" food - it's not a dive, but it is different than Che Chula.

      3. River City Grill in Irvington just south of Tarrytown is a nice, slightly upscale, casual place with good food and I've certainly seen family groups like yours there. I always enjoy that place. I don't know how "good" their wine list is but I've had nice wine there.


        1. If you don't mind driving a little furher south, try the Cookery in Dobbs Ferry. The food is outstanding - very locally and seasonally driven with a good and reasonable wine list. The setting is casual and there are a lot of small plates to share and interesting pastas, along with great meat and fish dishes. It is definitely not quiet, but had an energy and good vibe when we were there (with a group of 9 including 3 kids, two of whom eat only pizza and one who ate squash ravioli).

          Another possibility in Irvington is Il Sorriso on Main St at the bottom of the hill. We have not been there in a while, but it used to be our family's standard go to Sunday restaurant for very good Italian food in a friendly, familial setting.

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              Agree, I love the Cookery--I know they don't take reservations for 2, but may for a larger group--they do get quite crowded!

              1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                I second the Cookery -- food there is fantastic. Where is that chef originally from?

            2. If you want to travel north to Ossining, just received this in email:
              Mauro’s wants to help you celebrate and support events during the month of October. Do you know about the “Great Jack o’Lantern Blaze” and “Legend Nights” events? Check out their web site www.hudsonvalley.org but hurry, tickets are going quickly. These are two great events. Come to Mauro’s with your ticket for that day, to either The Great Jack o’Lantern Blaze or Legend Nights, and we will give you ½ half off your second entrée (from our regular menu) and all children under 12 eat free (from the children’s menu).

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              1. re: Marge

                Wow, that would be like the hugest bargain ever. Have you eaten at the restaurant Marge? If so, your general thoughts?

                1. re: laylag

                  I have eaten at Mauro's once--the food was very good red sauce Italian (a bit more upscale than other local red sauce joints), the service was fine, and the wine list was decent--in fact, they have a pretty extensive reasonably priced list.

              2. Sweet Grass Grill in Tarrytown takes reservations, has delicious food, and is a pretty laid-back atmosphere (i.e. kid-friendly). I love their food. Wine list is rather short, tho.