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A second Taylor Gourmet opening tomorrow!

Huge news - a second outpost of my beloved H Street Taylor Gourmet is opening in Mount Vernon Square in the City Vista development. It opens tomorrow supposedly. I cannot wait to try it out. It should be a great new option for the almost-Chinatown area as well, for those of us who want a casual sandwich place.

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      Inquiring minds want to know. Surely someone has a report.

    2. I'm heading here tomorrow for the first time around dinner. Are there tables to eat at or is it take out only?

      Also the big question----what should I order? I thought the cutlet sandwiches looked really good but there are SO many choices.

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        Yes. There is seating. Some folks like the turkey, but I've found it pretty dry. I like the 9th Street Italian and the rissotto balls.


      2. I went last Friday actually. I went around 3? so the lunch crowd was nowhere to be found. I overheard the owner saying that they were slammed during lunch. Quite a few of the people who lived above them stopped in for menus. (3 while I was there for 30 minutes)

        It's quite a little hike from my office though taking about 15-20 minutes to walk one way, so it won't be a daily option for me.

        Place was empty. This location's bigger than the H street one.
        The food is the same, i.e, good to great.

        I've had the Church and Kelly @ the H-Street.
        Went with the 9th Street + a soda + some mozzarella sticks. All were pretty good.

        1. Went online and saw the menu. It looks like they only have sandwiches and pasta salads there. Are there entree salads available or anything else?

          1. I wrote a blog post on the pre-opening of Taylor that you can read here: www.tinyurl.com/taylorII.

            The real reason to go here is for the sandwiches since their bread is great, and couriered in daily from Philly. My favorite sandwich is the Spruce Street (turkey, proscuitto, roasted red peppers, and sharp provolone), but I also like the chicken cutlet sandwiches (although once I got one and it was a bit too greasy). Love their mozzarella sticks and friends like the risotto balls, although I'm not a fan of risotto balls in general. They do have some salads available, and I've never tried them so can't speak to that, although you can make it an entree by adding grilled chicken or turkey (I supposed you can add any meat but am not sure).

            After visting the H street location a handful of times I was excited that a new one was opening in my 'hood. I've been to the new location twice so far: once for the pre-opening party and once for dinner this week. Dinner was early (6:30) and I waited behind one person. My chicken sandwich (the broad street: chicken, brocolli rabe, and sharp provolone) was ready in less than 5 minutes, and was delicious, as usual. I've walked by Taylor on a daily basis and each day I've noticed a longer line. Last night the line was to the door at about 8:30 pm. You can call ahead to order, and they also deliver (for a $2 fee).

            Taylor Gourmet
            Washington, DC, Washington, DC

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            1. I checked out Taylor's Gourmet last night after the great Save the Deli talk at Sixth and I. I really, really liked this place as a fun, casual neighborhood spot. The vibe was cool and I thought the decor was neat.

              I got the chicken cutlet sandwich with broccoli rabe and provolone cheese. This was a delicious sandwich. I agree with KWynn about the bread. I'm not from Philly so I don't know if this is their "thing" but I thought the sub rolls were perfect. Not too spongy, held up to the ingredients....just great!

              The cutlet was also perfect. Pounded thin, fried but not oily. It had a great taste and combined well with the ingredients. One thing I wasn't expecting was how spicy the sandwich was. They certainly used a lot of red pepper flakes. I couldn't figure out if it was on the rabe or the cutlet. It wasn't overpowering though...just a lot of unexpected spice, which I primarily dealt with by extinguishing it with my yummy creme soda.

              I would love for them to open a Taylor Gourmet in Dupont closer to me. I look forward to exploring their menu further.

              Also a note on the staff---whoever was working the cash register (perhaps an owner or manager) was really nice. I asked him about how business was going (busy!) and in general he just had a great vibe....reminded me of the sub shops I grew up with only a lot cleaner and more refined.

              1. I wandered over to City Vista today and had a delicious lunch. I got there about 12:45 and there was only 1 person in line in front of me, although most of the tables were full. I have to echo the previous comments about the Broad Street sandwich (chicken cutlet, broccoli rabe, sharp provolone) - it was so tasty! The bread is fantastic and the garlic/hot pepper flakes in the rabe give it a nice kick. I also brought an order of risotto balls back to my office and they're delicious as well. Love the Boylan's fountain drinks!

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                  I think the spicyness comes from the breading they use on the chicken cutlet since I believe it's the same that they use on the risotto balls and mozzarella sticks, which both have a little kick to them. I wouldn't call any of them overly spicy, but then again I don't mind a little spice. People who are spice-adverse might want to avoid the fried items (chicken sandwiches are available with grilled or fried chicken, however even though I tend to be healthier, I've had a heard time resisting the fried chicken cutlet!)

                  Any here's an article from Dwell a few months ago featuring both owners. Elyssa you might recognize the guys as every time I've been to the new location at least one of the owners is there: http://www.dwell.com/articles/Hoagies...