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Oct 15, 2009 01:30 PM

Long Shot: Trail Mix at Urban Nirvana spas (South Carolina)

Has anyone been to an Urban Nirvana (Greenville,Columbia&Charleston) spa and had the trail mix in the lounge area? It's the best trail mix ever...dried kiwi,strawberry,mango, pineapple...along w/ the usual suspects. I can't find it anywhere, and I'd really like to break my habit. it's like for every $85 handful of trailmix I buy, i get a free massage ;-)

Any ideas on a source?

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  1. "it's like for every $85 handful of trailmix I buy, i get a free massage"

    Will they not tell you?

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    1. re: north2south

      In my experience, the staffing requirements for spa receptionists are young and profoundly clueless. (They didn't know.)

      I've checked WF and Fresh Market w/ no luck. They are probably ordering rather than buying it locally. In fact, I went to yesterday and although they didn't have THE MIX they did have some dried kiwi and strawberries.

    2. The fruit mix comes from Costco if you are in Charleston or Greenville. It's Sam's in Columbia. I hope this helps.

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      1. re: smcc

        Awesome! thanks!

        BTW, for anyone who goes to nutsonline, they have a lot of stuff, but the items that were neither "low sugar" or "natural" were WAY too sweet. And the dried strawberries had added flavoring, which I should have noticed before I ordered but didn't. The low sugar mango was good.

        Off to G'ville Costco...thanks again , smcc.