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Oct 15, 2009 01:18 PM

Ocean City , Md this weekend?

Can you recommend places for well priced, good food that will be open this weekend? Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. My husband and I love the crabs at Higgins. I think it is on 31st or 32nd street. They have all you can eat crab specials as well as larger crabs by the dozen. It's not fancy but it's good eats. If you go, ask for the manager Alex, or the otjer manager John, and tell them that Bill and Sarah from New Jersey recommended it to you. Also, Brandon is an awesome waiter. Have fun!

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      Fresco's (not sure of the exact address) was wonderful. It is upscale and nice in side. I remember I had the rock fish in rosemary creme sauce and loved it!!!

    2. Francis Scott Key Motel out on 50. They have a restaurant that I have eaten at many times and always enjoyed- never a bad meal. I would call it American bisto cuisine. Desserts also very good.I am sure they have a website.

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        The restaurant was called Marlin Moon Grille and it is no longer in the Francis Scott Key. It has joined with Micky Fins in the OC fishing center. Their website is:

      2. Check out Lombardi's. A good italian restaurant and a great place to get away from the chain corporations. Their italian pastas are good but the pizza is just plain awesome. Great food. Lombardi's is in the 94th street shopping center (the one with the odd shaped cigar store and Sunsations.)

        Tequila Mockingbird is a nice place to eat, up at the high end of town around 145th street (cant remember exactly) in the shopping center with the big grocery store. Its 2nd from the end next to a restaurant named Duffy's Tavern. Tequila has nice mexican food and isn't outrageously priced like some other Mexican joints in OC (La Hacienda).

        If you dig soul food/southern home-style try English's. They have great chicken that is breaded and fried all right there in the store. You can see them making it at the take out section of the restaurant. English's is down at the lower end of OC right on Costal Highway down around 20th street. If you travel south English's will be on your left.

        1. Head out Rt 54 from Fenwick Island/North OC about 1 mile. On your left is the Lobster Shanty. Fabulous view of the bay, light bright restaurant with Jimmy Buffet on speakers. Outside deck. Only takes reservations for 8 or more. We had the clam and scallop chowder, tuna rolls and lobster rolls. Excellent. Highly recommended and moderately priced with only a few expensive items.

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            Based on above recommendation, we had dinner last night at Micky Fins in west Ocean City last night. We sat outside on the upper deck under an umbrella. There was a great breeze and a lovely view of the marina. We decided to share several appetizers for dinner. The meat sticks turned out to be skewered tenderloin tidbits grilled to medrare and served with a mildly spicy garlic and herb dipping sauce, it was delicious. We also ordered the crab dip, served with a small loaf of French bread. It was mildly spiced, crabby and excellent. Calamari was deep fried a darker brown than I prefer but in the acceptable range and served with 2 sauces, rate it good. Clams Casino was also good. Good flavor, tender med size clams, but a little too much bread, which muted the flavors. Also ordered the tuna nachos, which was lightly seared tuna with Asian flavors. We found it interesting but would not order again. Buffalo style shrimp was everything you would want. Spicy buffalo sauce on giant shrimp with ranch and veggies. Great. 4 people shared 6 appetizers at a cost of $75.00 +tip. We left happy. We look forward to going again for entrees. After dinner stretched our legs walking around the marina. On the lower dock they had seated 2 large tables an 8 and a table of 12. They do not accept reservation, but if you call when you are on the way, they will add your name to the wait list. We called about 20 min out, and had no wait. I enjoyed the marina atmosphere.

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              We took our kids parasailing and our Captain recommended the Lobster Shanty. It was marvelous! The best quahog and scallop chowda I ever had the pleasure of tasting. Great consistency, not too much flour, not too much cream but couldn't find many scallops. We also had soft shell crab and crab cake sandwiches, lobster salad and clams on the half shell. Well worth the trip.