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Oct 15, 2009 12:42 PM

Anyone tried DBGB Kitchen & Bar yet?

The BF loves his sausage, wondering if it's worth a visit. It certainly sounds delicious!

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    1. I went for brunch this weekend, and was impressed. I've heard mixed reviews about the dinner service.
      For brunch, we split the cheese blintzes with cassis and roasted pear and the pastry basket. I ordered the croque madame for my entree, and while it was good, I would have preferred that it were slightly warmer and had a softer-cooked egg. I tried my friend's blueberry pancakes, and another's Yankee burger, and both were delicious.
      I would definitely return for brunch. The service was fantastic, too.

        1. re: ChefJune

          In his first review Sifton either lacks the integrity or the palate to give Bould the lousy review which DBGB deserves. I am resubmitting my resume to the Times for the job ;). My review is at the end of the earlier thread linked above.

        2. We had a late lunch at DBGB two weeks ago. I would certainly recommend going there for the sausages. We tried the Boudin Basque and the merguez, both of which were delicious. We shared the "Chop-Chop Salad" to start -- a nice mixture with a very tasty dressing -- and the cassis-yogurt sundae for dessert (fine but nothing special).

          Photos here:

          1. I definitley recommend DBGB because of both the atmosphere and food. The marrow and sausage are absolutely delectable and I also enjoyed the service. Sifton also reviewed it on Wednesday, so check that out.