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Patty melt in Durham region?

I am pregnant and the baby REQUIRES (now, this is serious) a patty melt. I am from the States and could get them anywhere back home. I live in Whitby now and have only found one place that has them--Fifth Wheel Truckstop in Bowmanville. The melt at the Fifth is not so good...the burger has too much filler to be considered "beefy" in the least.

The baby requests a beefy burger, perfect grilled onions, lots of cheese...grilled on rye bread. Delicious fries to compliment the burger would be great, but are not required!

Thanks, hounds!

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  1. Regretfully, in the entire GTA and surrounding, I have yet to find this.

    I make them myself. Wish I had better news, but this fellow expat only gets them a few times a year.

    The filler-filled burger seems to be a regional thing around these parts. . .I actually had an acquaintance compliment a restaurant's burger because it had "a lot of great filling and breadcrumbs added to the meat." Wha?

    As you can tell by my screen name, they're a favourite. :)

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      Good beef is sold in the states much cheaper than here in Canada. the Beef market is an interesting animal.

      So for a local 'burger joint' here in Canada to sell burgers at competitive prices means to sell filler burgers.

      It's my major complaint as well. (it not just in Toronto) but IMO most Canadian non-foodies don't complain because they don't know otherwise.

      Thus, finding a good burger is a gem. Hence, my website.


      Not in the Durham region, But the pilot does have a patty melt with rye bread. I heard its great. I haven't tried it myself though, but I would love to in the near future.


    2. It is a little far from the 'Bee, but The Pilot Tavern makes a great patty melt.


      Actually, I haven't been there in a while, so hopefully, it hasn't changed too much. But last time I had one, it was divine.

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        I can't find a menu online but I bet that Teddy's in Oshawa would have one.

        Maybe call them to find out.

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          I agree -- Teddy's would likely custom make it to please the jonesin' mummy-tummy!

      2. Star Burger at 900 Brock St at Manning makes a great burger. Kind of 50s style. Not sure about the rye bread. May be worth it to bring your own. Good luck.

        1. Massey's in Pickering doesn't have one on the menu, but I bet if you went when they weren't too busy you could get them to make one for you. The do lovely sauteed onions, well done on request, and a pretty good burger. I love their sweet potato fries.

          1. Thanks, friends. I guess I am going to have to hit The Pilot. I have tried Massey's (I used to live in Pickering) and was very disappointed (although I didn't ask for a patty melt). Star Burger, as is Johnny's North End (basically across the street), but I don't want to have to bring my own bread and then teach them to make the sandwich. I will call Teddy's. I have read both good and bad things about them, but it's worth a shot.

            Oh, to have a local Steak and Shake outlet...(so sad, but I love that place).

            If The Pilot doesn't work out, I might have to make my own. They won't be the same without the greasy, seasoned griddle, though!

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              take some pictures and write a review while you're at it !

            2. Texas Burger in Ajax uses good beef, no filler, in their large patties. I don't know if they'll do a melt.

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                And, as I recall, they have deep-fried pickles. I thought you could only get those back home!!!

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                  Actually, the Yellow Griffin Pub has Deep Fried Pickles


                  The burgers aren't bad, but be prepared to wait....actually, you may want to ask them if the can create the Patty melt. The have something similar, but it comes on a regular bun

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                    35 burgers, each priced from $10.35 to $12.50, no sides. Each one promoted with a lot of hype/toppings. No mention of home ground beef, or cooked to order. This is ideal bar fare, but not for me.

              2. Just saw that the Chicago Pizza Kitchen in Maple has patty melts!!! I was already planning a trip there for, what I heard to be, wicked awesome Chicago pizza. Now, how am I going to make room for both pizza AND a patty melt. Oh well. Sometimes we have to make these sacrifices.

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                  This place is 10 minutes away from my work....now I too am intrigued at the prospect of patty melt. May give it a try for lunch tomorrow, and report back.


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                    Patty-melts are also a fave of my S.O. but the last time we went to Chicago Pizza Kitchen, they were unable to make one, and the owner Spriros complained of having trouble finding decent marble rye in Toronto.
                    I'm sure if he didn't have it in stock already, he'd put in the effort to get it if you called ahead the day before, he's a great guy, ex-American, and passionate foodie himself.

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                      Ok...went and had lunch at Chicago Pizza Kitchen. Called ahead to order the patty melt to expidite lunch (had some meetings that I could not be late for).

                      It is a small place, and when I got there, there was a long table of women with their kids.....and the kids seemed to delight in screaming, and I mean SCREAMING....my ears were ringing at one point. The women didn't seem to mind, but I wasn't there for the ambiance, I was there for the food.

                      So, originally I was going to get the patty melt to go, but after the drive took longer than I assumed it would, I figured I would like the sandwich to still be a warm rather than cool off on the drive back, so I decided to eat in.

                      To be perfectly objective, I was a little underwelmed. The patty seemed a bit overdone and it was really thin. I wasn't expecting a 1 inch thick burger, but this was about the same thickness as a McDonalds burger (maybe less). I wasn't sure about the cheese, couldn't really discern whether they were Kraft Cheese Food singles or not.

                      The onions were nice though. I do not like my sautéed onions to be wilted, gelatinous, semi-solid goop. These were done really nicely. I guess you could call them al dente, and he used vidalia/sweet onions which was a nice touch. The only issue I had with them is that they may have been a tad too thick.

                      The sandwich, as a whole, was kind of greasy, and I really didn't taste too much of the meat. Between Chicago Pizza Kitchen, and the Pilot, I will take the Pilot patty melt. However, I haven't had a patty melt from the Pilot in what seems like an age, so I am only going on memory here....but that said, it was a great memory.

                      Anyhoo, I will go to Chicago Pizza Kitchen again, but not for the burgers. The table of women and screaming ankle biters had ordered a Chicago Style deep dish pizza, and it looked amazing....had a bit of "food envy" going on.

                2. I agree. I tried the patty melt at the Chicago Pizza Kitchen and it was not what I had in mind.

                  Good points:
                  Thick burger, fresh, hot, no obvious fillers

                  "Other" points:
                  Burger was over-seasoned. All I could taste was salt.
                  There was ketchup on the burger. KETCHUP! Ugh.
                  The cheese was horrible...clearly a processed slice
                  The rye bread was thin and I doubt that it had met the grill. It seemed like it had been toasted in a toaster.
                  Onions were over-grilled and too few.

                  Now, I have to give them credit. Although I ate the entire thing, they took it off my bill very graciously (and without my request) and the server was interested in what I didn't like about it. And, as have been previously mentioned, the place is all about pizza and...THEIR PIZZA, SERVICE and HOSPITALITY is EXCEPTIONAL. I will definitely be back....but just for the superb pie.