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Oct 15, 2009 12:30 PM

Going to the Grand Canyon of PA

Hi, my wife and I are planning to take a trip out to see the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania this weekend. We'll be staying in Wellsboro and were interested in somewhere to eat in the area. Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice, casual dinner?

I've heard the Wellsboro Diner is a good lunch place. Is this true? Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I've only been to Wellsboro once, but we had a great meal at a place called Timeless Destination. It was right on the main street about a block from the diner.

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      The diner is just ok diner food. Native Bagel is good for breakfast or lunch. The hotel used to have good food but haven't eaten there lately so can't attest to it. The steakhouse is pretty good as is Harlands. This isn't fancy food mind you. Family restaurants predominate. The Log Cabin outside town a bit was good too but again, had not been there lately. Make sure you stop in the candy store and buy something. Haven't eaten at Timeless Destination yet. Weird name but menu looks good. Has mixed reviews if you look around. Wellsboro is a step back in time and is great just to stroll around town.

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        Loved the Native Bagel! Very good restaurant that my wife & I both loved. You can tell they make their own soups, breads and sandwiches in-house. Everything was very well-done and tasted fantastic. I was thrilled that they offered Sunflower bread, which I can never find anywhere, on their menu. Great suggestion.

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          Glad you liked it. I always make a point of stopping there when in Wellsboro.