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Oct 15, 2009 12:29 PM

Pescatore Expanding?

While I was doing research on a soon-to-open Somerville restaurant, I came across some meeting notes concerning Pescatore. Looks like they might be doubling their seating capacity. Anyone else hear anything about this?

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  1. No, but that's a good sign for a great neighborhood restaurant.

    1. they've been doing construction in the other part of the building for quite a while - the part that used to be a dance studio. Haven't researched the permits or whatnot, but they're working on renovating.

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        was in there recently picking up an order and talking with the owner. the construction in the building behind them is to expand the available seating in the restaurant. they also installed pizza ovens where the counter service is and the kitchen will take over that whole area.

        they started making pizzas a few weeks ago but havent tried them yet. if its anything like the food im sure it will be excellent

        and as a side note....the gnocchi sorrentino was awesome. nice and light but with just the right amount of chew to them. not the dense potato bombs you get at most restaurants. for all you gnocchi fans like myself that love them but are too afraid to order them at restaraunts for fear they arent done right.....defitnely give these a try !

      2. The expanded space is now open; they've even moved the door. Not all the art is hung, but the lighting is lovely, there's a glass window to the back alley, and the tables are fairly far apart. I'm looking forward to another sit-down meal there. Curious about the pizza - seems a pretty saturated market to enter without distinguishing yourselves as fancier (as the rest of the menu might imply).

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          The pizza is quite good. We had two pies for takeout last week and we were all impressed. It is definitely more gourmet pizza than the stuff you get from Christos or Pinis.

        2. We were excited to try Pescatore out a couple of weekends ago and were very disappointed to find out when we showed up (with out-of-town guests) that they had lost our reservation, made by phone the previous day. It makes us a little wary of going back. There was construction going on in the adjacent space.

          We did get a pizza of theirs delivered last week and it was quite good.

          1. We stopped in last night, hoping to order a pizza. The new dining room is really a much nicer space, but there are still areas with exposed drywall and some spackling that needs to be done. An odd contrast with the white table cloths. After being seated, we were told that you cannot order a pizza to eat there- only to go. They offered to do individual pizzas for us, although there was some discussion of whether this would be okay because they're not on the dining room menu, and no prices were given. We were looking for an inexpensive dinner with leftovers for lunch and were a little wary of the individual pizza offer, so we took a takeout menu and will try it some other time. Anapurna, where we ended up, was great by the way.