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Oct 15, 2009 12:22 PM

vegetarian friendly restaurant needed in Midtown East (high 40s/50s)-not too $$$, not salad bar

Want to take a colleague out for lunch tomorrow in Midtown, my office is on Madison and 52nd. He's vegetarian. Any ideas for a restaurant with enough choices for a veg? Want it to be decent, but not more than $20 for entree, tops.


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  1. Dawat (Indian), on 58th between 2nd & 3d, has a vegetarian lunch for just under $20 or so. (They have several lunch specials, each consisting of a variety of dishes; one of the combo choices is vegetarian.) I have had it several times and always enjoy it very much. (Some of the dishes include dairy. The vegetarian combo lunch is not vegan.)

    1. Also on 58th is Chola, with a lovely buffet ($14?) that includes southern Indian items, which is not as usual as the normal Indian restaurant. Very fresh, and delicious! I love this place.

      The whole 58th st. block is India Uptown, so you can browse. But yes, my vaves are Chola and Dawat. I think Chola is more Veggie friendly, and with less common dishes than the norm.

      In the 70s are the two Candle places, but that is out of your stated area.

      1. vegetarian bento box at Takashimaya'a Tea Box for $19, according to the website. Not sure it counts as "enough choices," though