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Oct 15, 2009 12:03 PM

Thoughts on Meritage in Milwaukee

One poster has been recommending this place. Any other opinions? I need a place for dinner for 6, ranging from 23 to 80. Near Wausatosa is nice, but downtown would work. Casual but creative food, probably not ethnic.


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  1. Hmm...I haven't heard anything about it. Given those conditions though; I'd maybe say Roots (including their Cellar area too, maybe), and possibly La Merenda. La Merenda is 'sorta' ethnic, but in a fairly conservative way.

    1. I am the poster in question. I wasnt going to weigh in since my opinion has been frequently stated, but since you arent getting overwhelmed with responses, I figured "WTH".

      Meritage meets all your stated criteria: they can easily accomodate a party of six, witll have items that will satisfy all age groups (I took my 78 year old mother there for Mother's Day this year), it's near Wauwatosa, it's casual and creative. Entrees rarely go over $20.00 and they have a surprisingly good wine list.

      I know I'm not the only hound that has been there; I hope some of them will offer their opinions.

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        Thanks Fydeaux. You're renewed recommendation is appreciated. I've got inlaws in FoxPoint and a kid a school in 'Tosa. After dinner, we head for another kid at school in Madison.

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          Six of us had dinner at Meritage this past Friday, and we all found it an excellent restaurant. The food is well prepared, the prices are remarkably low for the quality, and the place had a nice vibe (albiet a bit too noisy for me, but I'm very fussy on that). The duck stuffed chille releno was an excellent appetizer. I had trout over a winter squash hash and my wife had an eggplant "cake" (sort of a vegetarian crab cake) over ratatouile. Appetizers were around $5-7 and main dishes, with generous portions, around $12-$15. I had a nice $5 glass of wine. Maybe I'm use to Chicago prices, but I think even for Milwaukee they make a conscious effort to turn out good quality food for very affordable prices.