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Oct 15, 2009 12:00 PM

Julia & Jacques roast a turkey on PBS' "Create" channel...TODAY

In the Boston area it's today at 7:30 pm and late night at 1:30. I was interrupted when it ran this afternoon so all I saw was that the back of the bird had been removed and the bird was set over a mound of stuffing in the roasting pan. I believe the legs were still attached but Jacques had also prepared some kind of stuffed leg, wrapped in tin foil, that they added to the roasting pan. Julia was making stock while he did that. Then he made cranberry chutney. She mentioned that if you want leftovers, figure on a pound of turkey per person; if not, half that.

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  1. I've tried this semi-deconstructed turkey recipe and it came out great. It's in the companion book "Jacques and Julia Cooking at Home." You separate breast/wing from leg/thigh and bone/stuff the thigh so that it cooks at the same rate as the breast. It substantially reduces the overall cook time and simplifies serving, since the stuffed thighs can be sliced instead of carved off the bone. Breast meat came out juicy. You can arrange the meat on a serving platter so it looks almost like a whole bird.