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Oct 15, 2009 11:52 AM

Something delicious to bring on the plane with me, but must buy the day before

I have a morning flight back to NYC, and I'll want to bring something onboard for lunch. But since it's a morning flight, I won't have time to pick something up before heading to the airport, nor will places be open or serving lunch items. While my fallback option is to get or make a sandwich, I'm hoping to have something a little more creative and representative of LA, that can withstand several hours in the fridge and be sufficiently delicious and not completely soaked or stale by the time I want to enjoy it. Can you think of anything that meets this challenge? The last burrito I brought on a plane tasted good enough, but quite a mess. I'm a bit stumped on this one. Appreciate some ideas.

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  1. Tamales, Spring Rolls, Bao, Cheese plates, Salads from Lemonade...

    Ask me how I know... ;)


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      Second Lemonade and tamales. Banh mi and goi cuon holds up pretty well too. You may want to look at some of the posts on this active thread for picnic ideas for the Hollywood Bowl as well - I can see a fair amount of this working for your situation:

    2. bay cities godmother. i only like to eat these several hours after they are made because their bread is so hard. since it will be overnight, i might ask for the hot pepper salad on the side and just put it in when you'll eat it. but this should definitely keep overnight and will be amazing! it's kind of like getting a muffaletta when leaving new orleans.

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        I've had 1-hour-old godmother and found it a soggy mess
        Pasta salad would be my first choice.
        how about Korean mungbean pancakes?
        also, Galleria Market sells a soba noodle salad with boiled eggs, assorted veggies & spicy dressing. Might get a bit smelly for the plane though...
        how about a pastrami sandwich from Langer's - meat & bread packaged separately
        I also like the bao suggestion.

          1. re: soniabegonia

            I've taken bindae duk (Korean mungbean pancakes) on a flight before, and it was great, except the garlic smell was pronounced and drew more than one look of disapproval.

            Refined over years of travel, my guidelines for food to bring are:
            - doesn't require sharp cutlery
            - doesn't smell
            - not crumbly
            - won't produce (too many) crumbs
            - won't leak or drip grease

            Some things that have worked well:
            - bagel and cream cheese
            - sandwiches
            - cheese scones
            - calzones
            - quiche

            My personal favorite is a pastrami and corned beef sandwich from Greenblatts -- their sandwiches are not overfilled and the bread holds up well. It almost makes me look forward to flying.

        1. Bahn Mi with the veggies in a separate container? I don't know how well the bread might hold up overnight though. But I've done it by getting it earlier in the day.

          2nd the bao suggestion. That always holds up well. Heating it is a bit tougher, the char sui ones eat a bit better cold than the mixed ones.

          I also like most cantonese noodles even if they're cold. Chow mein, if you don't get it crispy or chow fun.

          1. I get the three salad sampler from Huckleberry ($12-13). All the salads hold up very well overnight, portions are generous, all healthy and delicious, and the packaging makes it a very easy meal to transport on the plane.

            1. I always bring some kind of cello wrapped bao or bun from a Chinese bakery. (Korean bakery would do just as well.) They're meant to last more than a day, very convenient, not messy, and you probably don't need more than 3 or 4 of them for a cross country flight.