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Oct 15, 2009 11:51 AM

Best place to buy organic fruits and veggies

I would like to begin buying more organic produce and would like to know which stores have the most variety at somewhat (given organic - difficult) reasonable prices. Please let me know where your favorite places to shop are. I live in mid-town toronto but am willing to travel within reason.

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  1. The Sweet Potato in the Junction (Annette and Pacific)

    1. "Organics on Bloor", just east of Bathurst, north side.

      1. Fiesta Farms has a wide selection of organic products, not sure how prices compare though. They also carry a lot of local produce.

        1. I always recommend Mama Earth Organics (good if you're looking for delivery of organic fruits and veg.)

          1. I like Mama Earth (and sometimes Green Earth Organics) for home delivery. I do mainly Whole Foods but I'm not sure how reasonable the prices are. I haven't tried the other places below mainly because either too far (Sweet Potato) or not easy/reliable to park (Organics on Bloor).