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Oct 15, 2009 11:34 AM

Input on 'Ipanema' in Seattle

Thinking of having dinner next week at the Brazilian restaurant 'Ipanema'. Would like input from Chowhounds regarding both the service and the meats.

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  1. as a churraschia, it is all about the meats though restaurants in argentina and brazil differentiate themselves by pushing their buffets and side dishes. our local version has a quite adequate buffet of fresh salads, cheeses, fruit and good quality hors d'ouevres. i have never had anything but praise for the meats both in quality and variety - several cuts of beef and pork (including "wild" boar), buffalo, lamb, sausages, turkey, shrimp - not all things every day but always a nice choice and delivered to your table quickly and in excellent condition. specific requests are easily met. it ain't gourmet but it is quite good.

    Ipanema Grill
    1225 First Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

    1. It's ok foodwise and definitely fun, but my main reaction afterwards was that it was kinda pricey.

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        while far from cheap, the all-inclusive price is the same as an entree (only) at a good steak house - this doesn't mean they are comparable, just that i think there is definite value offered for cash tendered

      2. My wife's been there 3-4 times with coworkers, and she didn't like it. She finds everything there to be too dry and a bit bland.

        Disclaimer: Before going there, she was in Buenos Aires with me just recently. So that may have skewed some of her perception.