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Oct 15, 2009 11:13 AM

Ceviche? (MSP)

I have never tried ceviche. However, it sounds quite yummy and I am eager to try it. Any suggestions of a good (and not terrible expensive) ceviche in Minneapolis?

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  1. Los Andes has a very good Ceviche. By itself for $10, or as part of a combo platter. Be sure to get some empanadas as well, if you go.

    I haven't had Ceviche at Pancho Villa, but it has been recommended here, and the rest of their food is excellent.

    Conga has ceviche on their happy hour menu. A very generous portion for $5, and competent enough to get the idea. Peculiar vibe at that joint, but strong drinks compensate, I think.

    1. For really inexpensive and tasty try La Sirena Gorda in the midtown global market.
      I really like the ceviche at Masa.

      1. Masa.

        There are other regional C.A. and S.A. restaurants in town (in MPLS around Lake St and Central Ave primarily) that serve ceviches (Sabor Latino has had a good one in the past) however I have a hard time trusting the handling of seafood at some on these places...this is likely my own issue.

        1. has anybody tried the diver scallop, orange, & grapefruit ceviche at barrio?

          $7.50 sounds like a good deal for a first taste in fun surroundings. . .

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            Oh shit! Yeah, I've had it many times and it is very good. Comes in these little lettuce cups.

            1. re: soupkitten

              Barrio - diver scallop ceviche - not my favorite.

              1. re: chelle

                I had really good ceviche at Masa-I think it was under ten dollars.

            2. I liked the ceviche at Mixteca in Bloomington.