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Oct 15, 2009 10:59 AM

3 day visit to Pittsburgh for Pitt/ND game

Looking for recommendations for good places to eat while in Pitt. We will be arriving Friday early afternoon with a bus load of Notre Dame fans. We are staying at the Sheraton at Station Square. We will have the rest of the day Friday to do what ever we would like. We won't be goign as a massive group, we'll break down into smaller groups of maybe 8 - 10. Saturday will be spent tailgating and then the game and probably dinner after that(we still don't know what time the game is!).

Hoping for some recommendations for food and maybe a good Irish pub or two for drinks.

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  1. There are a billion threads on where to eat, including a bunch of live ones from this week alone, so not gonna repeat those.

    But, about the drinking thing... skip the Irish Pub. As you're in Station Square, take the Incline up Mt. Washington, get some drinks up there and enjoy the view (but get dinner somewhere else as that view gets expensive).

    Once you're done there, there are 975 bars between 10th and 31st on Carson St. Piper's Pub has the best Guiness pours. But if you go all the way down to 28th and hang a left, you'll find the Hofbrauhaus - an actual authentic German beer hall. Food is pretty good there too... you can bring the whole group as it's mostly large tables.