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Anywhere to buy guanciale in SF or Marin? Or even close by?

Many thanks!

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  1. Boccalone in the Ferry Building has guanciale. Fatted Calf will sometimes have it at the Saturday Ferry Building farmer's market.

    1. Lucca Ravioli on Valencia usually has it.

      1. They usually have it at the Cafe Rouge meat counter (4th Street in Berkeley), which, by the way, is a great source for unusual meats and quite reasonable. They have several French cuts of beef, great house-made sausage, will sell presalted and herbed chickens to roast if you ask, and have terrific ground chuck that's something like $3.75/lb.

        1. Thanks so much everyone!

          1. The store that shares a the space with Nopalito (on the eastern end of the panhandle) has it.

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              Falletti Foods
              308 Broderick St, San Francisco, CA

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                I just called them and they were clueless. Had never heard of it and told me pancetta was the only Italian bacon.
                It could be I got the wrong people on the line, because that place is usually solid, but it was a disappointing call.

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                  That's clueless, but not exactly wrong. Pancetta is the Italian word for bacon, guanciale is jowl.

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                    You actually want to talk to the the folks at DeLessio which shares the space with Faletti Foods. Falletti is a gourmet grocery market with a meat/seafood counter and DeLessio has prepared foods, gourmet and artisan cheeses as well as cured meats and a fantastic bakery.

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                      When you go there you'll notice that there are two sets of checkout lines - you have to bring the right items to the right line. It seems mildly confusing (the first time i was there i brought my items to the wrong line). The share the same space but don't seem to know about each other.

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                        Thanks, all, even the ridiculous Italian lesson (I am familiar with the definitions).
                        You would still think a meat dept. like Faletti would know what I was referring to.
                        Finally went to Boccolone and love cooking with it!

                2. Fatted Calf's and Cafe Rouge's are my favorites. Call before going out of your way as availability varies.

                  What Lucca Ravioli sells is fine. I've made lots of rigatoni alla carbonara with that.

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                    I thought Fatted Calf's was overseasoned -- I ended up scraping the outside before using it. Lucca's is good and at less than half the price of Fatted Calf or Boccalone is good enough for all of my needs.

                  2. I've purchased it at AG Ferrari. I've only had it from there so I can't contrast it to other vendors. I liked it and was a bit surprised that it wasn't immensely expensive. I don't remember specifically how much it cost but it wasn't anything like $10/lb.

                    Can others weigh in on how much they typically pay for guanciale? I'm curious.


                    1. Traverso's in Santa Rosa cures guanciale in house. You can buy a little or a lot, it's not prepackaged.

                      1. Have you called Molinari's?

                        1. It's not in SF or Marin but the Pasta Shop in Rockridge Market Hall (Oakland) carries guanciale. Don't remember what the brand is. I'm guessing the one on 4th Street in Berkeley carries it too but I haven't been there for awhile.