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Oct 15, 2009 10:08 AM

Not adding a location to a dining thread title

This is a problem on the California board, turning up in restarant/chowposts about San Diego.

While the Califonia board designation covers a vast area of the state, San Diego posters often just refer to a restaurant name or small neighborhood in the title., without identifying the location.

Does this happen on other large regional boards? Do chowounds find this annoying or frustrating?

I'm afraid I view it as ...rude. Could you add our perspective? Thanks and happy chowing.

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  1. I don't think it is rude, just not mindful of the big picture. When I do come across a post about an ambiguous venue, I usually ask the poster flat out, where in the world is he or she talking about. They seem to then realize they forgot an important detail and provide it.

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    1. re: ChinoWayne

      I used to ask, to nudge the poster a bit...but it happens so often that it feels habitual, not innocently unintentional. I've stopped inquiring.

      SD is out of my chowdar range, but what about folks from out of state who're expecting a CA board search for "San Diego area" tips to give them all the info available?


    2. I spend a lot of time on the South board. Most people are pretty good about putting a location in the title.

      Most times confusion results when people new to the board aren't familiar with regional area terms, such as Triangle, Triad, etc. Likewise newcomers to the board sometimes list common town names without a state - Midway, Franklin, Fairview- almost every state has a town by that name!

      Perhaps part of the problem with the San Diego postings may be that the posters "know" each other well enough to identify area posters by name...thus forgetting about other interested or disinterested parties. I see this on the Florida board a bit - a big state but only a handful of areas that have frequent postings.

      1. happens *all the time* on the Tristate and Outer Boroughs boards, and i've never thought of it as rude. sure, it can be a bit frustrating, but as ChinoWayne said, all you have to do is ask where in the world they're talking about. most of the time people respond to say that they simply flaked and forgot to specify.

        1. this happens on the midwest board a lot too, and i agree with ChinoWayne that it's usually just an oversight on the part of the original poster. i do get annoyed because it seems thoughtless--for example "restaurant in bloomington" title on the midwest board. . . uh, do you mean bloomington indiana? bloomington missouri, bloomington minnesota. . . so i post the "give us a clue where you are talking about" response, and the op usually realizes the mistake, corrects it promptly, apologizes profusely, i am no longer annoyed, and rather, i am apologizing for asking for clarification. . . lol :)

          i think a separate problem might be that some folks on a board that covers a big geographic area start to think of the whole board as "theirs" & stop posting location markers because there is. . . a clubhouse mentality. . . & if you don't know the lingo related to the neighborhood, you're an outsider and your opinion doesn't count, and isn't being solicitated by the post. dangerous waters, i know. this is a separate issue where the op is aware of the omission and does it for reasons of snobbery. it's much less common ime, but i could see it becoming a real problem on some regional boards.

          1. Certainly a problem on the NW board, but beyond the irritation, wouldn't it help the search function on all boards if folks would state a location?

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