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Oct 15, 2009 10:07 AM

Saturday LUNCH down near the Museum of Science and Industry

I am going to be in the neighborhood of the Museum of Science and am looking for a good lunch place... any suggestions for a really great sandwich or bowl of soup? I might want something sweet afterward too so any bakeries down there I should check out?

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  1. Been a while since I was down at U of C.

    You might check out the following: Calypso Cafe (Obama fave), Medici (pizza, sandwiches, salads).

    1. Search Hyde Park for many suggestions. In the meantime, Bonjour bakery is not too far away for a good French pastry selection

      1. if you're at uofc for lunch, my absolutely favourite place is the Valois Cafeteria on 53rd. Its a historic cafeteria in many ways, and you get a true working class lunch where town and gown meet. someone at the university of chicago wrote his dissertation on the cafeteria, and a book called slim's table. tasty food, and relaxing. 55th and harper has that french bakery which is quite nice. bonjour bakery i think.

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          Second vote for Valois. Decent food, terrific neighborhood spot. About a mile from the museum. Very easy with a car (or a nice, 20-30 minute walk, though a long-ish walk may not be ideal before/after the museum).