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Oct 15, 2009 09:48 AM

Halloween - MSP

I'm too old to dress up and go to a club on Halloween, but I'm not too old to get some friends together and enjoy a themed meal. Any restaurants doing anything fun on actual Halloween night for grown ups?

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  1. The Best Steak House restaurants used to give out a baked potato to each trick-or-treater. Perhaps the remaining BSH on Univ. Ave. still does this?

    That's my idea of fun - a free, piping-hot potato in my bag. Just goes to show that you gotta be very specific about what YOU mean by "anything fun." :-)


    1. Not sure what it is, but noticed as leaving Erte, a flyer for a Halloween Ball.



        Chino Latino is apparently doing a Halloween themed menu.

        1. Where ever you decide to go, beware that there is a Gopher football game on Halloween night, so the U/Stadium Village area is going to be INSANE.

          Since I'll be tailgating and going to the game, I can't wait.