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bday dinner

hey guys..i'm looking for a fun bar/lounge place to have a fun bday dinner in the los angeles area..turning 22...preferably mexican food, but i'm open to GOOD FOOD....i just want a fun atmosphere and good food and fun drinks!!! live music or entertainment is a plus...no seafood or steakhouses please :) oh yeah, affordable too....not too expensive, and doesnt have to be dirt cheap... (velvet margarita was my first choice until my friend said the crowd there is kind of lame since its attached to a tattoo parlor) :/ please help....

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  1. Guelaguetza is fun, w a live mariachi band, if you would like Oaxacan!

    1. Rivera is supposed to be pretty fun, and really excellent food, not "true" mexican, but latin fusion. Great drinks.

      And if you don't like the crowd, or it's not "fun" enough for you, you're right next to Staples Center & LA LIve, where there are lots of "fun" bars to go to.

      Rivera Restaurant
      1050 S. Flower Street, #102, Los Angeles, CA 90015

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        Kind of depends on the OP's definition of affordable. It can great pretty pricey.

      2. El Compadre's on Sunset boulevard maybe? Flaming magaritas!!

        Not 'authentic' by any means, but it'll have the crowd, music, and atmosphere...

        Across the street from the Guitar Center in Hollywood at:

        El Compadre Restaurant
        7408 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

        1. Or Loteria Grill on Hollywood? Not sure about the music, but the food and drinks should be great.

          Loteria Grill Hollywood
          6627 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

          1. How about Gardens of Taxco? Fun and affordable...

            There's also Mexico.

            And Marix.

            1. La Huesteca is great for this and they often have live music. I also like Guelaguetzca

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                Is that (La Huesteca) the one in Van Nuys? I passed a La Huesteca 2, the other day on Van Nuys & Hamlin, but didn't stop in, b/c I wasn't sure.....

              2. Casa Sanchez on Centinela just might be what works. Great drinks, good food, fun atomosphere and live mariachi music and dancing. Very lively place. check it out.


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                  the last time i was at casa sanchez, there were absolutely NO customers around the age of bday girl; there were old farts like me and young families, but no parties of young adults.

                2. Loteria Hollywood is a risky choice--the bartenders often forget to add tequila to the margaritas, service is terrible and the food is inconsistent. Which is a shame because it has some great recipes, that when working, are fantastic. Same with the drinks but at the prices charges, customers tend to like alcohol added. The restaurant (we've been three times and won't return on our own) seems to have a lot of kinks to work out and I wouldn't want to risk a birthday celebration there. Rivera is a much better choice, hands down, as John Sedler is a genius. Besides, downtown is so much fun!