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Oct 15, 2009 09:32 AM

Portable, non-smeary healthy toddler snacks?

I have a constantly hungry toddler with a strong affinity for sugar (trying to work on that) and a habit of playing see-how-fast-I-can-crush-this-into-the-furniture. We're singlehandedly supporting the graham cracker and Sunmaid raisin companies- I'd like a little more variety, and a little healthier stuff. He doesn't have molars yet, so heavy chewing is out.

I've got an okay cracker recipe- i was wondering about roasted chickpeas recipes, cheese crisps, that sort of thing. Any help?

Sorry if this isn't coherent. Not much sleep last night.

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  1. How old is your toddler? My 21 month old's favorites include string cheese, graham crackers (which I know you mentioned) slices of fruit (apples are a particular favorite), cheerios, gerber yogurt bites (the only "baby food" she's ever eaten), etc.

    She can also handle a whole plum, she brings me back the pit.

    I hope some of these help you.

    You might also try getting a little table and chairs set. Then make that the "snack place". Snacks have to stay on the table. It cut dramatically down on the number of cheerios ground into our carpet. :)

    1. Both of my girls are under 3. I do boiled pastas, fun shapes like fusili and bow ties, they don't mind whole wheat pasta either. Dried fruit. Cheerios. Boiled chickpeas or other whole boiled legumes (black eyed peas, pinto beans, etc.) roasted chickpeas, deep fried sago wafers, string cheese, pop corn that I crush with my fingers into smaller pieces so as not to be a choking hazard, and defrosted frozen large kernels of sweetcorn.

      1. Toddlers don't necessarily eat because they're hungry. Sucking, chewing and tasting for a toddler is emotionally comforting and they get to "play" with the object they're chewing on at the same time. Try carrot sticks, broccoli flowerettes, scallions, and other foods that offer fewer calories and are more healthful. To keep the furniture clean, establish a time and place (e.g. high chair) for the snacks rather than letting the tyke to carry food throughout the house.

        1. We went with lots of apple slices, pretzels, goldfish, halved grapes, sliced green peppers, sliced cucumbers - all these things are portable and smush-free. Try other dried fruits - cranberries and blueberries are very popular in our house. You can also cut up hard cheese into squares, although they won't last for hours on end in your purse.

          1. What about baked oatmeal? You can make it in cupcake tins for individual servings. I like to let it sit overnight before baking so you can scoop into cupcake tins in the morning.


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              Chowser: this recipe sounds perfect for a school-day breakfast. How long do you bake it in the cupcake tins? Do you think it would freeze well after baking? Thanks.

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                I've never frozen it but I think it would freeze well. I'd start checking at 15 minutes with the cupcake tins, if they're not filled too high. It's really good warm so we microwave before eating.