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Oct 15, 2009 09:11 AM


hi everybody, here is the deal. we are 2 cooks from vancouver, bc and we are doing some traveling before settling down in piemonte in 2 weeks to do some work at a restaurant in piobese. we are in florence now and heading to venice on saturday and staying for a few days. we are staying in a little flat with a kitchen so we will probably cook all of our meals ourselves except for 1 dinner. i like to eat in casual, rustic restaurants with quality food. the less fuss and fanciness the better. please tell us where to go. would love to do a tasting somewhere that is not too crazy expensive. i know we should expect it in venice but we're hoping!
Just to be clear we would eat out for every meal if we could and i know narrowing it down to 1 restaurant is kind of ridiculous, but that's what needs to happen.
thank you for helping.

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  1. I think that you should go to a restaurant that will give you a spread of the venetian seafood specialties out of the lagoon. which you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world, and prepared in the venetian manner. this would usually be served as an antipasto assortment. Probably most of the better ones restaurants would be happy to do this if you asked specifically. We had a great assortment of this nature at Corte Sconta (followed only by pasta - we were too full to go on) , but Im imagining that Alle Testiere or any number of others would be glad to do this for you. I think that secondi are truly secondary in Venice - The fish is magnificent, , the scampi, etc (get the latter in your assortment) but whole fish are awfully expensive. Do make sure you get some schie, the delicious tiny grey shrimp. There are probably a lot of places that could offer this, but I would head to the top of the heap because they are likely to have the best selection.

    1. I second the recommendations of Corte Sconta and Alle Testiere as two of the best seafood restaurants in Venice. You will not be able to get a 'tasting' as a tasting menu of progression of small courses. Venetian restaurants are not set up for this 'modern" style of dining. Both restaurants menus are in the traditional format of antipasti, primi, secondi, dolci. Corte Sconte has a fritto misto that consists of an assortment of fish and sometimes shellfish, big enough to share. Alle Testiere has wonderful creative antipasti. One of their offering is a small tasting of their assorted antipasti: usually 6 together in one plate that might include bacala mantecato, a crudo of some sort, a fried moleche, a mantis shrimp (cannocchia), a few schile or whatever is fresh and in season. Good desserts also. For casual and rustic, I might also consider Antiche Carampane or casual and a little more modern, Boccadoro.. These places serves only seafood, no meat or poultry. If you are looking for a varied menu, I would go to Fiaschetteria Toscana though not rustic; excellent traditional food, great wines and cheeses. Reserve in the main floor. General prices for the above: about 15-20euro for antipasti and primi, 25euro for secondi.

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        when we went to Corte Sconta they offered a big appetizer array for two that they served out in two or three relaxing tranches with several items on each plate, including some real venice esoterica. It was quite a lot of food.

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          Thank you for the information on the grand antipasto assortment at Corte Sconta. Is this on the menu or a special request?

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            Im not sure. Our experience was on Christmas day several years ago. I think they suggested it, or it was on the menu (I cant find one on-line) but Im sure one could ask. to have this put together even if not.