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Oct 15, 2009 09:00 AM

my latest fast-food joint, drive-thru obsession sonic's "lemon-berry" fruit slush at happy hour.

real lemon, real strawberries, all cold and sweet and less than a buck! i get the same strawberry hit as odwalla's "strawberry c-monster" for 1/4 the price.

my worst relapse was last week, when i went through sonic's drive-thru twice during the two hour period.

what's your current obsession?

ps, i have a pet peeve with sonic:
they would not take their pristine cardboard multi-cup take-out holder back to re-use! what a waste! is this corporate policy necessitated by some ridiculous local health code regulations? can't people use common sense to see if the container is clean and perfectly re-usable?

ok, now i must think upon the sonic lemon-berry slush's cool strawberry goodness to calm my troubled mind. and then i wonder how i can get a sonic to come to arlington, virginia?!

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  1. My current Sonic obsession (blessing or curse, there is one across the street from my dry cleaners <g>) is the snack size Frito Chili Cheese snack wrap, small tots and diet limeade.

    1. I can see why that's a health concern. Maybe someone had a peanut or watermelon flavored drink. A little residue dried up. It was reused, came into contact with someone's (with high sensitivity) straw or something, and they had a reaction. Nobody wants a possible law suit. I also think it's a little gross knowing that was on the ground, near animals or g-d knows where in others' hands/homes.

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      1. re: Jacey

        as i said, it's easy to tell if something is pristine, if one has a couple of the five senses.

        you might want to find a sonic one day, and try it.

        1. re: alkapal

          It is not easy to tell. Let's say the guy in front of you in line didn't wash his hands after sneezing and he has the beginnings of H1N1. Then, he picked up his "clean" cup, and handed it to an employee who refills it. Employee would not wash their hands after refilling the aforementioned contaminated cup, because it "looked" pristine and refills your pristine looking one, putting a lid on yours, touching the inside of the lid as well as the exterior of your cup. You grab your refilled cup, take a sip and your nose itches...

          It is called cross contamination. The only way to control that is to know the initial source of the cups handled.

          ...and now I will never hand anyone anything for a refill again...

          1. re: Cathy

            oh geez!

            cardboard is not the likely h1n1 vector!

            do you avoid the farmers' market, where those little cardboard containers are re-used? how about the grocery, where others may've picked up that same shrink-wrap package of asparagus? or any restaurant at all, because who handled that food?

            i really don't want this thread to be about sonic's failure to re-use (or even take for re-cycling) the cup-holder. i want it to be fun, and light-hearted, and....uninfected by the stinkin' swine flu propaganda/hysteria.

        2. I like the coconut slushie. Not only is it tasty, but it is blue.

          It is most likely a local health code. My Starbucks will refill coffee cups in the same visit for only 50ยข.

          How much energy did you waste using the drive through, twice, for a beverage in a day? My Sonic is horrid busy with many long lines during Happy Hour.

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          1. re: Cathy

            oh, i don't wit more than one in a line.....
            i'll run my errand and whip back by to check out if the line is freed up.

          2. It is quite awesome, I totally agree. I don't care for Sonic's food, but their drinks and slushes and desserts are the best among fast food joints.

            1. My worst drive-thru obsession was McD's BLT bagels when they frist came out. They were $1.29. At least 2 times a week I would detour after the daycare drop-off for one (or two).