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Oct 15, 2009 08:49 AM

Georgetown Tx

Wife and I are taking our son on a College visit this weekend, any good lunch spots in or around Georgetown? No specific cusine in mind.

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  1. The Monument Cafe on Austin Ave. is very good. That's the only restaurant i've been to within the last 3 years, can't vouch for any others, sorry.

    Also, you might have more luck posting this on the Austin board.

    1. If you want something more upscale but cheap by Austin standards I recommend Wildfire.
      There is also a great little cafe whose name I can't remeber right on the corner of the square in the center of Georgetown and a great mexican dive about 2 blocks norh of the Monument Cafe, which is okay too.

      1. Thanks, The Monument Cafe looks interesting.

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          You are welcome, might want to ask about BBQ on the Austin board, i know this area has good BBQ (at least better than what we are used to in Dallas).

        2. A side trip over to Taylor for barbecue at Louis Mueller's would be well worth your time. One of the top 5 in TX on most people's lists, top 1 or 2 for many.

          I've been to Monument just once; it was okay but nothing really special.

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            I've been to Monument many times, and always good. However, not extremely recently. Like I said, Austin board could offer more help.

          2. I don't remember the name but, there is an Italian restaurant in Georgetown that's terrific. Shouldn't be too hard to find out, though.
            And yes, a side trip to Taylor for a visit to Louie Mueller's BBQ is a must. It's #1 in my book!