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Oct 15, 2009 08:34 AM

Le Petit Moulinsart--any good?

We will be visiting Montreal and my son is a fan of Tintin. I found out about this restaurant which is decorated with Tintin memorabilia. Is it any good? What should we order and how expensive is it? Thanks for your help.

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  1. Here is a link to their menu:

    I was just there about two weeks ago for a late dinner. I didn't make it that far into the restaurant, as I had a seat near the window, so I didn't see any strikingly obvious Tintin memorabilia - though, there were some pieces on the walls. I've never read the comics so perhaps your son would recognize some of them.

    A third of the menu is dedicated to mussels. I ordered a demi portion of the Moules Belle Époque and couldn't keep my face out of the dish - the aroma was fantastic! The demi portion - served with a salad - was just the right portion (though I could've eaten a barrel of those mussels they were so good!).

    Also, they offer a fair selection of Belgian and Québecois beers.

    1. Historically, reports about Le Petit Moulinsart have been mixed, though there's not been a lot of buzz lately, so it's good to have Austinaureus's input. Here's Maeve Haldane's 2005 review:

      Several if not all Frite Alors! outlets are decorated with Tintiniana. My favourite is the original store at 5235 Parc (between Fairmount and St-Viateur). The outlet at 1562 Laurier East is pretty good, too.

      1. It has it's fans, and is not terrible, but I wouldn't bother with it. It's supposed to be a mussle place, but there is better in Montréal, for the same price or less. Plus, my friends who were there a few weeks ago for dinner said service was very slow, I wouldn't know, I've only been for lunch, and service is ok then. They have a nice inside patio, but that is out for the season.

        Austinaureus is right, it is not that decorated with Tintin, altough if my memory is correct, Le Cigare du Pharaon, the adjoining Pub has more decorations of Tintin, but with a kid, maybe not the best choice.

        I remember almost more Tintin references (Altough they are heavy on Blake and Mortimer) from Frites Alors (, and your son might prefer the menu and atmorphere, it's burgers and fries, with other interesting choices, but pretty good for the price and type of restaurant.

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          Thanks so much for the information and the suggestions. Frites Alors looks like a fun place. Maybe we'll try both because I love mussels and Austinaureus' comments really make them sound delicious.

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            Over the weekend I stayed at a hotel just down the street from Le Petit Moulinsart. I didn't eat there, but I went into a gallary on the street that had a lot of Tintin memoribilia. I am sorry that I can't remember the name of it, but it may have been across the street from Olive + Gourmando. Which to keep this on a food-related topic, has an excellent lunch menu and fantastic coffee and pastry!