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Oct 15, 2009 08:15 AM

Bostonian Needs a Rec for Anniversary Dinner

Hello there DC-ers! I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for an Anniversary Dinner. We're staying in Georgetown, so nearby would be ideal, but not necessary. We like great food, great wine list, a Bistro-like atmosphere, French is good but not totally necessary, and definitely not stuffy or too uptight. Money is not an object for this special meal! Thanks.

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    1. re: monavano

      Thanks, but it's unfortunately full for the Saturday night I am looking for. I am on the wait list. The hotel concierge suggested Bistrot Lepic and Marcel. Any thoughts on those?

      1. re: Suze123

        Both are very good choices but Marcel's is a little better for a special occasion. Bistrot Lepic is slightly less formal but has a great wine bar upstairs where you could grab a drink before or after dinner.

        1. re: Suze123

          Lepic is smaller and a little more bistro-y than Marcel's. Both are excellent/

          1. re: Suze123

            FYI - You can dine in Citronelle's lounge area off their a la carte menu if you are sold on trying it.

            1. re: katecm

              Just to add: The Lounge at Citronelle is informal, no reservations and none necessary. I love eating there. You can look up their lounge menu on the website. If you go, I highly recommend the parmesan bacon soup, the mushroom cigars, the tuna napoleon, the escargot, and the strawberry cocktail for dessert (a must). Sauterne by the glass to drink (except not with the soup!). An awesome meal.


            2. re: Suze123

              Bistot Lepic is a nice place but maybe the food is a bit humdrum for such a special meal.

          2. Might want to check out Mendocino Grill.

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            1. re: hotel

              this is a real fine place. Seafood and charcuterie are reliably great. Wine program may be a bit of a letdown (for a wine bar, that is). A hard-working kitchen that executes complicated dishes very, very well. Check out the menu:


            2. nearby in the West End is Blue Duck - haute comfort food. it was good enough for the Obama's anniversary dinner!