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Oct 15, 2009 07:15 AM

Best place for breakfast at NC State Fair.

I always confuse the different sit down places at the fair, which one has the best ham or sausage biscuits, grits, and coffee.

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  1. Pittsboro Kiwanis for the best ham. Only biscuits out of a tube, but definitely the best ham. (not sit down).

    For many years, Cary Methodist consistently has the best "sit down" overall. Decent food, nice folks. None of the sit down places are what you'd call elite.

    For the soul of your stomach, don't, repeat don't, eat at the Raleigh Farmer's Market Booth. You'd think they'd be good, but they're dreadful, and I'd hate for anyone to think that is what ham or sausage were *supposed* to be like.

    Kittycorner from the Fountain and down 1 or 2 booths is the woman who makes mini-donuts (fresh, right in front of you). She also has decent hot drinks.

    I'll be there in about . . .one hour and 15 minutes to get my donuts and biscuits.

    I'm dreaming of my first chili dog and my first Richardson Root Beer (maybe a float even).

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    1. re: fussycouple

      Sorry to attempt a hijack, but where is the root beer and what makes Richardson brand special? My SO is a huge root beer fan, so we are always looking for new ones!

      1. re: fussycouple

        Richardson's root beer is served on tap (special thing #1), and it has flavor like most modern root beers do not. It is located 1 street parallel to the "church sit down places" this year across from a carousel (kittycorner behind Choplins hot dogs).

        I also got to check out Lee's Kitchen (which if you stand at the old fried cheese place and John the Greeks and turn around and look across the intersection you can see (on the way to the Kerr Scott bldg). They serve Jamaican food and someone there knows how to cook. They have chicken 3 ways (my favorite was the brownstew chicken), beef "patties" (turnovers) and great fried plantains. I'll be eating there again.

        I've been doing "best of" at the State Fair for decades now, people keep telling me I should blog it, lol.

        1. re: fussycouple

          Thank you - we will work them into the equation!

          If you do blog or write a longer review (hint) please put a link here!

          BTW, thanks for your mentions of Hills of Snow in Smithfield. I finally tried it - wow!

          1. re: fussycouple

            The "plantains" were actually bananas. Decent enough, but I love a good fried plantain, so I was a bit disappointed.

            1. re: Naco

              There were no bananas at Lee's Kitchen. They actually serve plantains in the restaurant and at the fair. Plaintains look like bananas but have a milder flavor than a banana. I have been eating at Lee's Kitchen from the first day they opened and being from the Islands...I know my plantains. Lee's Kitchen serves the real deal.

              1. re: sacess

                Alas, the Fair is gone for the year, but I worked at a booth out there for a civic group and tried two breakfast biscuit spots. the first was Honnicutt's right on the corner of the church strip of places. I was drawn to the place because they had an old newspaper article posted in the window about an 84-year-old woman making the biscuits. The biscuit was good, but not as buttery as I would have liked. My second one came from a church out of Holly Springs and it was PERFECTION! A light and flaky, buttery soft biscuit with a really good sausage patty with just the right amount of spiciness. I will definitely go here again next year.

                My other "must haves" at the Fair include the Wisconsin Fried Cheese (the mozzarella), a corn dog from the place near the Cheerwine Stand by the flea Market buildings. Not the Leon's hot dog place, but the one two or three down from him. His corn dogs are hand dipped in a perfectly sweet breading and he has two sizes to choose from. I've long been a fan of Al's Fries out of Apex. The bext elephant ear is located by the fountain behind Dorton Arena. There are two booths here, go to the one with the flags on top of their booth. They put melted butter on their ears when they come out of the fryer. Then top them with cinnamon sugar AND powdered sugar. And, finally, I take home a couple of bags of the Maple Sugar Cotton Candy from Vermont. It is the best. Whew. Probably a good thing the Fair only comes once a year.

                1. re: sacess

                  I lived in a part of South America for a while where plantains were a staple, so I've eaten my fair share as well. The plantains that I'm accustomed to are starchier and more dense than a banana, and are much, MUCH less sweet(if you could call them sweet at all). We used to eat them with hot sauce.

                  What I had at the fair was very sweet, and a bit mushy. I am 99% certain that it was some kind of banana.

                  1. re: Naco

                    Plantains can also be sweet depending on the time of the year. Sweetness is not what determines a plantain or a is the flavor and coloring. I've also had plantains in Puerto Rico...they are also sweet and very good. The more dense the plantain the less ripe the plaintain or may just be that particular type of plantain common to the area of South America you were in.