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Oct 15, 2009 07:09 AM

ISO Donuts - Merrymead?

I heard that Merrymead makes fresh donuts. Do you have to get there by a specific time to get them? I'm planning on going Saturday morning.

Anywhere else in the Montgomery County area to find fresh donuts? I live in Glenside and I haven't exactly been wowed by Darryl's (although their b-fast sandwiches are superb).

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  1. Hmm, I'll have to stop by Merrymead and check. I need milk anyway. For fresh donuts I'm happy with the Yum Yum in Colmar. Their coffee rolls sell out fast and are really good. I really like the icing on their chocolate frosted yeast raised donuts too. But I'm always up for more donut exploration.

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      I enjoyed fresh cider doughnuts from Styers Orchards (Langhorne) this past Sunday.. Not sure if they are year round but they were good.

    2. Definitely Yum Yum are the BEST.....

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        Angelsmom I'm so glad Yum Yum survived the low carb crisis. I still mourn the passing of Peter Pan bakery in Lansdale. It is probably just as well the Colmar Yum Yum is no longer open 24 hours. I'll just have to make do with four thirty am til 11 pm. I still didn't make it to Merrymead. Hmm maybe now is a good time! I'll probably bump into that Chefpaulo character buying their buttermilk! :)

      2. I live a few minutes away and frequent Merrymead often. I've only seen fresh bakery products from local bakeries for most of the year but they do make their own cider donuts during October. You might call ahead to make sure they have some before trucking out from G'side


        1. The cider donuts are made only on the weekends leading up to Halloween. It is a zoo there on the weekends, so be prepared!

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            Mag454 - thanks for the heads up! What time do we need to get there?

          2. Update! We went this weekend on Sunday at open (10:30) and grabbed a couple donuts. They were fairly fresh, not so much hot from the oil though. Good, not great. Not up to Brown's standards. But not bad.