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Oct 15, 2009 06:41 AM

Catch Restaurant - Dine LA

Has anyone tried the Dine LA menu at Catch restaurant in Santa Monica (Casa del Mar)? It's at such an affordable price point - $16. I have my eye on the smoked trout salad, sashimi entree and blueberry crostata. As it's only available during the week and it's hard to get away at work, would love to hear any reports.

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  1. Last week I was there for both Lunch and Dinner on the same day. It was good, but not great, but excellent value. Better than some of the other $16 DineLA lunches I've tried.

    The view over the beach and Ocean is great. I would recommend Catch for the decor, view, good service and good value food. They have a regular $34 Prix Fixe dinner that is good value, which for now is replaced with the DineLA dinner menu for $26 and the lunch for $16 which is much better value. I am surprised that a 5 star hotel restaurant is offering DineLA at the lowest price point.

    1910 Ocean Way, Santa Monica, CA 90405

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      Thank you for the report - what did you order off the Lunch menu? I too am surprised that it's offering its meal at the lowest price point, hence my interest!!

    2. I went last week for dinner and found that their regular menu offers more interesting choices, some that can be had pretty inexpensively. However, I would not have gone there if not for Dine LA, so I did try that menu. The hamachi crudo appetizer was full of flavor, the shellfish risotto less so. The chocolate cake desert was average. The space itself is elegant, and they have a live jazz combo on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. The service was good and the desert wine selection was excellent. I would go back again, but not for the Dine LA menu.