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Oct 15, 2009 05:14 AM

Ogunquit restaurants/seafood

My parents will be up in Ogunquit for a long weekend this weekend. They aren't familiar with the area at all and are interested in suggestions for restaurants. My mom is especially interested in eating seafood a few times when she's there. Any help -- from a cheaper lunch to a nicer dinner -- is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've been so lax about posting, but my husband and I had a lovely lunch in Ogunquit two weekends ago at MC Perkins Cove:

    We started with the calamari - perfectly fried calamari rings, coated in a light corn meal batter, served with some fried onions and two fabulous sauces. The buttermilk dipping sauce was my favorite, while my husband preferred the parsley one. We then both had the lobster roll - piles of sweet lobster, lots of mayonnaise - which I don't mind, and the surprise ingredient was lemon zest, which we both thought worked very well.

    We lucked into a table right by the window, so the view was excellent. I think almost any table there would have a decent view though.

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      I can tentatively second MC-the first time I went was for lunch and it was fantastic- wonderful food, creative combinations, great service, amazing view...the second time I went was for dinner and had a horrible experience- the service was incredibly rushed and bordered on rude, my entree was completely over cooked and the couple next to me had to send theirs back as they were under cooked- just a real miss. Im glad that I had had the great lunch experience because I want to like this place-but that dinner was absolutely terrible.

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      1. We eat at MC Perkins Cove frequently. MMRuth's review is right on. We have seldom had a bad meal there. The oysters are fresh and briny. I recommend the bar menu, which they will serve you in the dining room. Fish and chips and fish tacos (and lobster roll) are all excellent. Fried chicken is one thing I do not recommend.
        For a good old fashioined boiled lobster, try Barnicle Billy's- in Perkins Cove- order lobster, clam chowder, steamers etc at the counter and they call your # when ready. Also in the Cove is Barnicle Billy's etc.- with wait service- a little less casual, more menu items (fried clams, steak etc.). Both Billy's have the best rum punch! Billy's closes Oct 18 for the season and Billy's Etc. on November 1 for the season.
        Hope they like beautiful Ogunquit.