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Oct 15, 2009 04:23 AM

Best Tapas in Austin

Searched for an old thread on Tapas and did not really find a good one...maybe this will start one...

What is the best Tapas restaurant in Austin??? Let the debate begin...


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  1. There aren't many options:

    - Malaga ( which I think is mediocre at best

    - Fino ( where the selection is limited but the food is outstanding (small plates)

    1. Saba at happy hour is the best bang for the buck on tapas, but it works better with a group - too much food for just a couple.

      1. simplicity wine bar will be opening in November at 4801 burnet. it has promise.

        1. We found a place called 219 West on 4th that had very good tapas and a great bar...not outstanding food...but very good food and a great atmosphere...

          1. We ate at Wink last night before heading out to the music scene...the food was really really good...we had venison and lamb...great wine list too...tonight is our last night here...gotta find a great place...

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              Went to Uchi our last night in Austin...excellent food...what a wonderful trip...would not have been the same without the great advice on Chowhound...