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Oct 15, 2009 03:35 AM

Need chow recs - staying near the airport willing to drive

Looking for great greek, mexican or italian. Nothing fancy; heck - I'd even take a really great veal sandwich. We may be heading out toward yorkdale or sherway gardens and are willing to drive in between/around those areas. Will be returning to hotel near airport on Fri night.

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  1. Peter's on Eglinton is a deli that doesn't receive much mention but it's very good. It's on the south side of the airport at 1035 Eglinton Avenue West. Portions are enormous so don't order too much.

    1. About 5-7 minutes out of the way from a trek to Sherway is the Royal York/Bloor (Kingsway) neighborhood which has a variety of bistros, including several Italian and one of my favorite Greek places, Just Greek. My favorite veal sandwich is at Panini, which would be about a 10 minute detour (each way - Weston & Hwy 7) from a trip to Yorkdale.

      There is also a surprisingly good Greek AYCE buffet called My Big Fat Greek Buffet in Mississauga close to the airport. There is a thread on it.

      Near the airport is dominated by the chains.

      1. It's certainly not nothing fancy but a good Italian restaurant near the airport is Via Allegro at 1750 The Queensway (head down the 427 from Queensway and exit Queensway W). They also have one of the best wine list in Toronto.

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          Via Allegro is the very definition of fancy. Their Golden Spoon risotto ranges in price from 39.95 to 99.95. $100 for a risotto, albeit a very luxurious one, is definitely fancy in my books. While its location is rather low-rent (in a strip mall next to a Staples/Business Depot), and its interior can be rather boisterous, the exquisite food and the unbelievable wine list (including over 750 scotches and over 200 grappas) easily places it among the best high end italian restaurants in the city. Your wallet will certainly think Via Allegro is fancy.

          For Greek I recommend Colossus, which does simple greek fare, really, really well. Try their moussaka.

          Colossus Greek Taverna
          280 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5G1H2, CA

        2. Try these guys for delivery. Certainly not the best in town, but much better than Pizza Pizza, Pizza Nova, etc.

          The location you want to call is the one at 30 Eglinton Avenue West, near the Airport.

          1. If you go West on Airport Road, there a bunch of Indian restos, inclulding China Garden which serves Indian Chinese near Airport & Derry.

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              i have been to astoria, collosus, taste of danforth many many times and none can touch the souvlaki at Zet's. a 24 dive on the east side of airport road a block or so south of Northwest drive. delicious food in a very modest environment.

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                I've spent many a late night at Zet's and can vouch for the souvlaki and a few other dishes (their all-day breakfast is better than most diners). Surprisingly decent food out of a seemingly greasy diner.

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                  Zet Drive-Inn Restaurant
                  6445 Airport Rd, Mississauga, ON L4V1E4, CA