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Oct 15, 2009 02:30 AM

Authentic Vietnamese in Beijing?

I've recently moved to Beijing and want to take a colleague who has never had Vietnamese food out to dinner. I've found lists of Vietnamese restaurants online, but it's hard to tell which ones are best and most authentic. The only one I've been to is Va Va Voom in Sanlitun, which was passable but nothing spectacular. Thanks!!

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  1. There is not much in the way of good Vietnamese in Beijing. Muse has its fans (and they have a new location in Sanlitun), and there is Nuage in Houhai, but I don't think either of them is as good as what you can find in the DC metro area (not to mention Vietnam).

    1. i'm well travelled in vietnam and have sampled a lot of the west coast north american vietnamese choice in BJ for authentic stuff was always Luga's Pho Pho, the hole in the wall place in Sanlitun across from Aperitivo...used to be always packed, chef is an actual Vietnamese guy, and since I left BJ, they've apparently moved up the street to a bigger space in the Luga's Villa building...really nothing else like it in BJ as it just does the basics (especially grilled meats on vermicelli) well and doesn't get too far from its roots...

      i found Muse to be devoid of taste but well presented, Va Va Voom an overpriced soul-less place, that small place in China Central Place down by Dawanglu to be good for exquisitely presented rolls with fillings beyond the normal prawn and pork, Pho Cafe near Amigos (same owner) near Gulou is better than most, and Little Saigon to the west of Gulou is below par for food, but great for atmosphere and coffee...Nuage i went to once, great setting, okay food, but that was years ago...