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Oct 14, 2009 10:23 PM

Downtown Phoenix lunch options

Need recs for a lunch, possibly several, preferably walking distance from 2nd Avenue and Jefferson. Will have an hour including walking time.

I like almost everything but don't have a big appetite.

If I get selected I could be going there for several days, I'll switch between taking the light rail and driving. Durant's, Lo-Lo's, Coronado Cafe and Carolina's are long time favorites, would like to find places I haven't been that are only open for lunch and/or weekdays.

Hanny's is on my radar so far. Seems to far to walk, is there better?


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  1. Hanny's is good.

    Could take the light rail to Blue Fin.

    Stickler's is right next to the courthouses.

    1. Matt's Big Breakfast is quite good and also does lunch.

      Cibo might be a little far to walk and also is open for dinner, but is very good.

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        If you are gonna go as far up as Coronado Cafe, you should stop for a vampira or carne asada burro at America's. It's on 7th street just south of Coranado Cafe

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          If you are serving on a jury you would be lucky to get a whole hour. Depending on where you are just getting out of the Courthouse will take you 10 minutes with the really slow elevators (unless jurors can use the Court reserved elevators).

          Hanny's is walking distance but I have not been impressed. Thai Elephant on Adams and Central is decent Thai. The Hero Factory on Adams and 2nd Avenue is a fantastic deli. Crazy Jim's on Washington and 3rd Avenue is decent enough. Other than that not much in walking distance. Downtown is pretty much a wasteland for food if you are on foot. Pasta Bar and Sens are great for lunch and are a 5 minute drive. El Portal is probably closer than that as is Los Dos on Washington. I doubt you will have enough time for Lo Lo's.

      2. Hanny's is not too far to walk, especially in mild weather. Nevertheless, one hour total might be tight. I'd probably save Hanny's for a relaxing drink and dinner after jury duty one day.

        Due to time constraints, I would not recommend trying to drive or take light rail anywhere during your break.

        Nearby choices:

        Yasda Bento -- good rice bowls, udon, bulgogi, etc.; fits into your category of open only for weekday lunch; fast food style guarantees quick lunch

        Thai Elephant -- full service, but very good at handling the lunch crowd; no problem getting in and out in an hour

        Hero Factory -- big NY-style sandwiches; also fairly quick and open only for weekday lunch.

        Yasda Bento
        18 W Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85003

        Thai Elephant Downtown Phoenix
        20 W Adams St, Phoenix, AZ

        1. There's a strip of 3 restaurants on 1st St between Filmore and Jefferson.

          Turf Pub (Irish food. I've been for happy hour, very average food, but good selection of suds).
          Sens Tapas (Japanese style tapas. Excellent and unique)
          Pasta Bar (self-explanatory menu. It's supposed to be great, have yet to try myself)

          705 N 1st Street 120, Phoenix, AZ 85004

          Pasta Bar
          705 N 1st Street 110, Phoenix, AZ 85004


            Tom's Tavern is pretty tasty. Good service, too.