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Oct 14, 2009 07:49 PM

looking for a good fish market in the OC

hey all I'm looking for a good fish market in the OC. I currently get most of my seafood at ranch 99 market. Does anyone have recommendation for better quality fish. I would also like to find sashimi grade fish in the area. anything like IMP in the orange county?

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  1. Go to the Japanese markets in Costa Mesa. Marukai has better fish but you have to buy a membership to shop there ($10 a year or $1 per visit), Mitsuwa is membership-free but I don't like the fish as much.

    Also, there is Dry Dock in Fullerton and a couple of places down in Newport Harbour.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      Are the prices the same, excluding the membership fee, for Marukai and Mitsuwa?

      1. re: hobbess

        I find the prices @ Marukai to be slightly better than Mitsuwa.

    2. I like Pearson's Port in Newport, very high quality but limited selection.

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        2nd Pearson's Port if you want to cook the fish. And it's Spiny Lobster Season, so you can pick up a couple of the locally caught bugs while you are there.
        If you want sashimi grade fish, go to Marukai as advised by DU

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