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Jan 20, 2005 12:38 PM

madame matisse?

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anyone been to this place for lunch on Sunset in Silver Lake? What's the deal? It's always crowded

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  1. Madame Matisse is a nice, dependable breakfast, lunch and sometimes-dinner spot. It's always crowded because there seems to be a never-ending supply of people in the neighborhood who like to hang out for brunch -- if you think this is crowded, you should see Alcove.
    We like the beet and walnut salad and any of the egg dishes. Dinner on Thursday-Saturday (I think) is a good deal too, although the menu is not elaborate.

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      I like Madame Matisse better than Alcove, Alcove has small portions and the flavors are not big as at Madame Matisse, IMHO.

      1. re: Burger Boy

        I'm sure you're right. I've never been able to get close enough to Alcove to actually try the food. I was just commenting about the strange phenomenon in the neighborhood where each new brunch spot becomes full to overflowing the second it opens.

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          It was increadabe they way they were packed, it is a restaurant owners dream, even in the bad weather they seem to prosper, mosel tov to them.

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            I'm too disenchanted with the SL/LF/EP brunch scene to add a level-headed comment. I will say, however, that I'm quite fond of MM's eggs Florentine, as well as those pie slice-shaped hash brown. Is it worth the wait? Not particularly, unless you enjoy people watching, have pleasant company to chat with and/or a newspaper to keep you occupied.

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            Why is that strange? If they didn't see themselves as the vanguard, they wouldn't have moved to Silverlake.

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              haha - i love it

      2. Extremely happy with Madame Matisse. Strange but good fusion of French Canadian favorites with Mexican touches (like my omelette Normandie with salsa). It was really cold this morning but cozy and the hostess/waitress, though very busy was one of the friendliest we have encountered in a while.

        My only wish would be that they have a bigger space - especially indoor seating. They would still pack them in.

        This is a great little "nook" for eggs, pancakes, salads and pannini's. Their coffee was also quite good. We played Scrabble over breakfast on my Treo and enjoyed conversation.

        I'm looking forward to a return so I can try their lunch fare.

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          I have a wish to add to yours: I wish they'd reopen for dinner! I miss it.

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            MM is no longer open for dinner? I went there once for dinner and loved their Steak au Pivre. Fantastic! Have not made it back, though.

        2. Been there just once, yet I still remember the version of Eggs Bennie with smoked salmon. Delightful. Almost worth sitting at a tiny table perched three inches from Sunset traffic while some guy's golden retriever licks your shoes and the breeze keeps removing the napkins, but I think I'm just too old for some things...

          1. MM has a really good salad that I get often. I think it is called the Health Nut salad. Its a chopped salad, with vegetables, beans, nuts and a garlicky vinaigrette.