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Oct 14, 2009 07:32 PM

Asian Court dim sum; any recent visits? Or Wheaton?

My older daughter is going to be back in Baltimore and wants dim sum. I wonder what the quality and variety is like these days at Asian Court? And would there be enough variety for my non 'red meat' eating younger daughter?

If the place is not good, the only alternative would be to drive to Wheaton. Is Hollywood East still the best bet there? (Please do not tell me to go to VA or Rockville, wonderful as they may be)

Thanks for your advice on both places.

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  1. I don't know anything about Asian Court, but Hollywood East has closed and has not reopened in its future location (in Wheaton Plaza) yet. Since you're not willing to go to Rockville, you probably wouldn't go to Gaithersburg either, where New Fortune is. You could try Oriental East in Silver Spring. Both are good dim sum places.

    1. Asian Court is the one off of 70 correct? I've been there a few of times in the past 6 months (most recently about a month and a half ago). It's really not bad. They're not going to wow a dim sum veteran in terms of perfect flavors, but it's pretty solid food. Most importantly though, is that each time I've gone there the food has been hot. Honestly, that might be the greatest attraction (and a rarity in a lot of dim sum places).

      I'd recommend sticking to the staples of dim sum if you go. Each time I go I try straying off the beaten path to one of their other more non dim-sum-esque dishes and so far all but one was a bust.

      As for the no red meat thing: it's doable, especially if she's otherwise an adventurous or not a picky eater (I remember the turnip cake decent last time I went). Admittedly, you'll probably be getting a few more of the shrimp dishes than normal, but it shouldn't be too difficult.

      I'd recommend it, and frankly you don't really have a better option that I know of. Oh, and it's a pretty decent staff too.

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        Wangus, thanks for your careful and detailed reply.

      2. My wife and I have been there once; the food wasn't bad but the smell of tires from the Goodyear shop next door was enough to make us never want to go back.

        Can anyone who's eaten there recently say if they noticed the smell in the dining room, or if it was just a fluke?


        1. I'd definitely go to Asian Court. I thought the dim sum was pretty good, and the desserts items were excellent. (And no smell of tires.) Definitely similar to Oriental East in Silver Spring and far closer if you're in Baltimore.

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            Interestingly, at night, Asian Ct. is great, with innovative noodle dishes from HK-style shrimp dumpling soup to pad Thai to twenty chow funs to "Feel Good Noodle", but few customers--it's a little like the Jesse Wong Hong Kong situation in that most know them only for dim sum. I hope people start going so they don't end up like JWHK.

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              That is great to hear. I had only heard disappointing things about the regular menu. Great to have some specific things to order.

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              I'm going to Oriental East for the first time this weekend, is it as good as they say? And any idea of a price range? Tips for dishes to look out for?

              1. re: ec_washington55

                Well, I like it. I assume you have had dim sum before, but a few of my favorites are the har gow, shiu mai, stuffed eggplant, rice noodle crepes (esp. shrimp), fried taro balls, baked roast pork buns, fried meat/shrimp dumpling, shrimp balls, egg custard tart, chicken feet. Since the food comes out in rolling carts on the weekend, you can pick what looks good to you. The place is not very big. You should plan to be there by 11:00a, when they open. Their website has their menu and prices.


                1. re: comestibles

                  I recommend that you plan to be there at 10:40. The line can be down the block when the open, and you have to wait for that first group to finish. Waiting isn't bad on a nice day. There are seats around the corner from the front door. But better to wait 20 minutes to open than 45 minutes for tables to clear.