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Oct 14, 2009 07:20 PM

Dinner Near Louisiana and Montgomery - Albuquerque

Four of us are going out to dinner before a concert and need a place that's quiet and pleasant, with a reasonably broad menu to accomodate a variety of eating patterns - vegan, vegetarian, carnivore.

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  1. India Kitchen - SW corner of Louisiana and Montgomery. As good as Devon Street in Chicago.

    1. Chez axel 6209 Montgomery [at San Pedro] 881- 8104

      Range Cafe 4401 Wyoming Blvd NE, [just south of Montgomery


      Range Cafe
      4401 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111

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      1. re: DebitNM

        Have you been to the Range lately? We were fans. We went there after they moved and it wasn't such a great experience - maybe it's just that I don't eat cheese anymore and NM without cheese is, well, tortillas and chile.

        1. re: momadamsa

          We haven't eaten at the Wyoming one lately, we have eaten at the Bernalillo one a couple of times this year and found it to be pretty much as always.

          There are a lot more places within a 10 minute drive, as I am sure you know. Do you want to broaden your search?


          1. re: DebitNM

            Sure. Fire away.
            We're pretty boring about Abq restaurants - used to always be Range, now it's always Flying Star.
            So new ideas would be welcome.
            Nice atmosphere, good food, variety of choices to suit 4 different people, true vegetarian options would be nice (I was once served a plate of squash).