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Oct 14, 2009 07:16 PM

Anyone been to The Farmhouse in Lake George recently?

I did a search of this Board and found one post from April 2009:

Also found this Times Union review:

A September menu from their website:

The Lake George version of Blue Hill? A neighbor (who is very particular about food) suggested we go. Anyone been recently? Your thoughts?

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  1. Saratoga Slow Food chapter had a dinner at the Farmhouse this past June, unfortunately I couldn't make it. The menu for that sounded fantastic. I would love a report. With the emphasis on local foods, I'd be concerned about the veggies now that harvest season is over.

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    1. re: otis

      Thanks, otis. We will probably find our way there eventually and report back. Spring into summer might be a better time. This time of year I'd expect a lot of root vegetables :)
      PS The Saratoga Slow Food chapter sounds interesting . . .

    2. I went there last night with a friend (in a wheelchair, by the way, so it's accessible) and was so thrilled we w to go back. They grow most of their own vegetables and buy everything else locally. Everything was beautiful, simple, incredibly good -- the building, the room, the wine selection, the waiter's style. We had the tomato soup with mcevoy ranch oil and basil, and the tomato salad with melon and ricotta in it -- both delicate and rich tomato tastes. And then the corn risotto with tomatoes and mascarpone, and the "Garden of Spices Chicken," both were amazing, delicate, deep, and summery. Want to go back tonight!

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      1. re: cathrob

        cathrob, thanks so much for the report. The Farmhouse and The Basement Bistro are two places I'd really like to have dinner. . .

          1. re: financialdistrictresident

            my wife and I vacation in LG every year and always try to get to the farmhouse restaurant, we went on June 7/1/11 and had a great meal as always. highly recommend it

            1. re: paddab

              I'll be in LG for a wedding on a Saturday in September and want to grab a light, early lunch before the ceremony. Do we need reservations at the Farmhouse for lunch? It looks great!

            2. re: financialdistrictresident

              Went last night.... service pathetic... distracted from half way decent food.

          2. Was there 2 weeks ago on a Sunday evening

            No problems with service

            Very much enjoyed all we had

            Fresh and funky tastes

            We also highly recommend Owl at Twilight in Olmstedville

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            1. re: Leonard J. Pugatch

              Ordered bottle of wine and one cocktail for four of us. Wine delivered with a reasonable wait and reminded server of cocktail order. Snacks arrived and mentioned cocktail again. Twenty minutes later and another reminder for drink to arrive.
              Dinners were delivered and I cancelled appetizer that they forgot.
              Food was enjoyable, but aggravation distracted from pleasure.
              We have also enjoyed your recommendation of Owl at Twilight in Olmstedville.

              1. re: jaylhorner

                two more:

                Mr P.s Smokehouse in Schroon Lake; next to theater; smoker is out back; good stuff

                Westport: Bistro Du Lac; location and fine french food