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Oct 14, 2009 06:54 PM


Kitchen firing on all cylinders...

Read about this restaurant in a local Vancouver magazine as a place to dine in. They were right. Service started a little rough, but when they woke up they were able to compliment a great kitchen.

The place is casual, and reasonably priced. Located at 1725 Haight, they are open late, til 1:00am.

A group of eight including 3 chefs had just about everything on the small plate share menu. The Bone marrow with a garlic confit was amazing. The Pork belly sliders/ Pork ribs/ scallops etc. were all well prepared and very tasty.

The chefs all agreed that this was some of the best food enjoyed in years. I was suprised that they are not mentioned on chowhound yet.

Go and check it out and then go and have a drink at Aub zam zam after.

Thanks to all who gave us some great reccomendations for our trip. SF Rocks.

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  1. Aub Zam Zam would be a good pregame, or postgame I suppose, but Alembic is mostly mentioned for the draw of it's extensive drink program. Your review of the food is a nice reminder of their menu, but did you also sample their cocktails?

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      They have a large selection of booze, it always blows me away. Most of the product does not make it to Canada. So many American Ryes. I noticed an attempt at a good cocktail program, but was more impressed with the drinks at Aub zam zam, and some jazz bar nearby whose name escapes me.

      It was the food that BLEW us away.

        1. re: jahvay

          Too bad you weren't impressed by/didn't order enough of a sampling of their cocktails--the beer, whisky, and cocktails at the Alembic are some of the best around, way better than the Aub Zam Zam. I love the food too, especially the duck hearts, spiced popcorn, and pickled things as snacks with mid-afternoon cocktails.

          1. re: jahvay

            What did you order at Aub Zam Zam that was notable? I've always found it barely a step above a dive bar, in a neat room, and the drink selection is purposely meager.

            The real draw at Alembic has always been their house made bitters, hand chipped ice, etc. My impressions are most San Franciscans just avoid the place unless we're looking for that. For food, people typically head to Magnolia, their sister location down the block, which keeps changing chefs, and trying to revamp their food service, for good reason. In retrospect, everything I've seen out of the Alembic kitchen looked really nice, but small even by small plate standards. I might give them a shot now though.

            1. re: sugartoof

              What we typically order is small, but the prices are fair too. The qual eggs are tiny, but $2. The shishito peppers, maybe 2-3 dozen flash fried with smoked salt, are $5. A skewer of a half dozen duck hearts is $5. They do have a menu of more substantial items, but we like to go between lunch and dinner when things are slow and they have plenty of time to make the drinks without rushing, and explain the nuances of what ingredients they are using.

        2. Last positive mention of Alenbic food last month.

          1725 Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117