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Oct 14, 2009 06:31 PM

Help! What is the proper bread or breads to use in a panini maker ?

Fellow Chowhounds: I just bought a panini maker but I am clueless about the type of breads to use in the machine.Does anyone have good ideas about this? I thank you all.

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  1. Not that this is such a great help, but I just realized that the bread I bake is PERFECT for a press. The qualities are as follows; moderately tight, tender crumb, crisp yet delicate crust and even shape. I have found that a lot of artisanal loaves, as good as they are can be a little too crusty. I say start with a cheapy supermarket baguette and see where that gets you.

    1. Use whatever you like. Sturdy bread would work best- sourdough, rye, artisan grain breads and so forth. Experiment! You'll be better for it, and you won't get shanghai'd onto a foodie bandwagon- you might even start a new bandwagon!

      1. I agree w/homebrewster - use what you love. Really, anything goes - we often use regular ol' whole wheat sandwich bread for a run-of-the-mill grilled cheese (esp. 'cause we don't usually have the good stuff around). But good quality bagettes, soudoughs, nutty/fruity artisinal breads . . . all terrific. When we first got our panini press, we ate so many sandwiches we made ourselves sick experimenting! A good problem to have.


        1. Any type works, even bagels.

          1. Your panini press will make Wonderbread edible, mediocre breads better - even great, and great breads stellar.

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              I agree with Sam.....but to be more specific, Harder, crustier breads such as the Artisanal loaves and Italian Semolina generally are not used.....softer breads will be a better choice, unless you take a larger loaves like a Large Round or Panella bread and use slices so it has a larger, softer surface area to lay flat and crisp up with the aid of butter or Olive Oil. These types of bread make great Pannini and Grilled/Melted Cheese Sandwiches.