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Oct 14, 2009 05:09 PM

Artisinal brunch

OK you Artisinalphiles, going for the first time and as it happens it's for brunch -- not my choice as I don't get the whole brunch fascination/scene, BUT it's not my choice so that said, suggestions for can't/don't miss dishes?

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  1. Artisinal to be more low key than the "fascination/scenes" you are probably used to. Its a good one to have in your backpocket in the area, in IMHO. I have walked in there a few times without a wait, vs. the "cooler" places with the 1 hour waits etc. you talk about.

    That said, last time I have gone was a while ago and I can't comment to the food there too much. I remember French Onion soup and mac'cheese being very good. I also remember being able to order a side of different cheeses with my meal.. e.g. I would ask for $5 worth of a sharp cheddar etc. and they would happily oblige. I liked that a lot.

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      I've always enjoyed the Salade Nicoise there. For the OP - they also have a great selection of wines by the glass - I think every bottle is available that way. Also, when I've been there for lunch on the weekends, my recollection is that there is lots of non-brunch food, which suited us well, as neither my husband nor I are into brunch. They certainly had the fondue on the menu.

    2. Artisanal is a favorite place to go for brunch since their menu has great variety. Some of my favorites are: beignets, onion soup, almond croissant french toast, fish and chips, hot chocolate (one of the best outside of Paris). Great cheese selections and wine by the glass.

      1. Thanks all so far, I definitely planned to sample some cheeses, given the place's pedigree, and kinda' wondered about the fondu, as we're a small group doing a bit of a celebration, seemed festive choice for a sharing appetizer.

        1. I just went a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. We ordered simple things--eggs benedict (me) and omelet (my friend). Eggs benedict were good. My only complaint is that the food was brought out 5 mins after ordering. It felt a little like a factory...