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Glazed walnuts

Lately I've been craving and munching some glazed walnuts I found at my fav bulk food center. The ingredients listed on the bin are walnuts, sugar ,salt and vanilla. Any recipe suggestions?

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    1. I've never tried it with walnuts (because they make the roof of my mouth scratchy if I eat too many) but I have done it with pecans and it comes out so perfect. You'll feel like a fancy-pants nut magician.

      If someone walks by, they will not leave until you smack their hands to stop them from eating the entire pan. Try it!! I actually give them out with Christmas cookies. We have a GA pecan connection...

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        All these great links begs a another question... Is there a difference between GLAZED nuts, SUGARED nuts and CANDIED nuts?

        I tried sugared nuts where I simply stirred and cooked nuts and sugar together range top then fininshed them in the oven. Thery were good. But they were nothing like the glazed nuts I buy. The glazed walnuts have a hardened coating on them that's quite thick, almost hiding the shape of the nut. I suspect it's so thick because they are mass produced, but oh I love that crunch.

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          they may be coated with corn syrup, rather than just sugar.

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          hey bd! get over and see the thread on surreal food photographs: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/661957
          the artist minimian's work reminded me of your avatar.

        3. So funny story - I was craving some walnut prawn about a week ago, and there are no good Chinese places nearby, so I decided to make my own.

          Part of the recipe, is of course, candying your own walnuts. Some recipes call for boiling the walnuts before you throw them in the syrup/caramel and some just call for rinsing them thoroughly. I, being lazy, opted for simply rinsing them.

          Lesson learned! If you throw raw walnuts into a pot of simmering sugar and water (aka syrup!) the walnuts will suck all the moisture out of your syrup in about .02 seconds and leave you with a pot of nuts and crystallized sugar.

          So anyhow, my tip after all that is - boil your walnuts first before you try to throw them in a pot of glaze/candy!

          1. My son tosses nuts in whipped egg whites, then turns them in sugar and bakes them at a low temperature until they are light brown. He learned this working in restaurants.

            1. I loved these - a recipe from CH that combined sweet with savory (sugar, salt and rosemary) - very good!!!

              1. Some years back, Cooks Illustrated had a much easier recipe for spiced nuts - you heat them in the oven, then stir them in a deep pan in which you have heated a little butter, water, sugar, and any seasonings that are liquid. Then you toss them into a big bowl in which you have mixed your dry seasonings. They are then spread on a cookie sheet to cool. There is no gooeyness or clumping to deal with. These do not have a hard glaze but the coatings are well-adhered. I have done the candied pecans and the curry almonds. I can dig out the issue if anyone wants the details.

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                1. Our recipe is basically the same as posted here with egg white as the binder with the addition of cayenne and coarse ground black pepper. The heat slowly rises from the back of your mouth. Addictive.