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Oct 14, 2009 04:51 PM

Glazed walnuts

Lately I've been craving and munching some glazed walnuts I found at my fav bulk food center. The ingredients listed on the bin are walnuts, sugar ,salt and vanilla. Any recipe suggestions?

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    1. I've never tried it with walnuts (because they make the roof of my mouth scratchy if I eat too many) but I have done it with pecans and it comes out so perfect. You'll feel like a fancy-pants nut magician.

      If someone walks by, they will not leave until you smack their hands to stop them from eating the entire pan. Try it!! I actually give them out with Christmas cookies. We have a GA pecan connection...

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        All these great links begs a another question... Is there a difference between GLAZED nuts, SUGARED nuts and CANDIED nuts?

        I tried sugared nuts where I simply stirred and cooked nuts and sugar together range top then fininshed them in the oven. Thery were good. But they were nothing like the glazed nuts I buy. The glazed walnuts have a hardened coating on them that's quite thick, almost hiding the shape of the nut. I suspect it's so thick because they are mass produced, but oh I love that crunch.

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          they may be coated with corn syrup, rather than just sugar.

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          hey bd! get over and see the thread on surreal food photographs:
          the artist minimian's work reminded me of your avatar.

        3. So funny story - I was craving some walnut prawn about a week ago, and there are no good Chinese places nearby, so I decided to make my own.

          Part of the recipe, is of course, candying your own walnuts. Some recipes call for boiling the walnuts before you throw them in the syrup/caramel and some just call for rinsing them thoroughly. I, being lazy, opted for simply rinsing them.

          Lesson learned! If you throw raw walnuts into a pot of simmering sugar and water (aka syrup!) the walnuts will suck all the moisture out of your syrup in about .02 seconds and leave you with a pot of nuts and crystallized sugar.

          So anyhow, my tip after all that is - boil your walnuts first before you try to throw them in a pot of glaze/candy!

          1. My son tosses nuts in whipped egg whites, then turns them in sugar and bakes them at a low temperature until they are light brown. He learned this working in restaurants.

            1. I loved these - a recipe from CH that combined sweet with savory (sugar, salt and rosemary) - very good!!!