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Oct 14, 2009 04:37 PM

Best place to eat in Times Square?

We'll be in the mid-40s and Broadway. Just about any cuisine or price range will do, so long as the food is good. Insieme has been our standby but I understand that Canora left and don't know how it is these days. Much obliged for any help.

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  1. There are a number of excellent, higher end restaurants near the mid-40s/Broadway: Esca, Le Bernardin, db bistro Moderne, and The Modern.

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    1. Thanks. DB is a great idea. I realize there are two things I don't want: seafood or a steakhouse.

      1. Note: I haven't been to Insieme before Marco Canora left. But I was there recently and all I can say is that the meal was mediocre, especially at those prices. This is what we ordered:

        Lasagna bolognese -- not plate-licking good but decent
        Mushroom risotto -- way too salty and not cooked enough; a rice kernel shouldn't be opaque in the middle
        Braised veal breast served with cauliflower in tomato sauce -- OK; a bit sinewy; DH almost choked on the meat; the cauliflower was very tasty
        Lamb with brussel sprouts and trumpet mushrooms -- OK; brussel sprouts and mushrooms were excellent
        Bomboloni -- way too heavy and dense
        Chocolate coffee parfait -- probably the best thing of the evening; light, delicious; would definitely order again

        The guy who was on the vegetable station totally rocked. You know there's something wrong with the main course if you look at your plate and realize you ate all of your veggies but hardly touched the meat. Both of the meat courses weren't bad; they were just OK and hardly memorable. But at $30-something per entree, one expects more.

        As I said earlier, I haven't been to Insieme before. So I can't say whether or not Canora's departure affected the food. And I could have also hit them on an off-night. But if you're looking for an Italian restaurant in that area with similar prices, I think Alto is a much better bet. Similar prices, more polished service and food is so much better.

        777 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10019

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