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Oct 14, 2009 04:30 PM

is "silver take" on rowena ever going to open?

this place was supposed to open a few months ago and even had a sign up for a bit, although it has since been taken down. the outside tables and chairs are still there. their website is still up at silvertake.com. seemed like an interesting addition to the neighborhood, and would finally bring something to that weird shaped building which i have been somewhat fascinated with over the years. anyone have any info?

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  1. Am guessing there are parking and ingress/egress issues with that site, if it is the one where Rowena becomes Glendale Blvd as it heads toward Atwater, across from Michelangelo.

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      Other side of the street closer to West Silverlake.
      FYI, parking is pretty easy for a restaurant, most cities allow valet. Egress is usually easy too. There are much bigger problems that come up when opening a restaurant, like a grease interceptor.