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Oct 14, 2009 03:39 PM

Help! need restaurant for my niece's sweet 16 on Halloween

so my lovely niece is turning 16 on Halloween and asked me to help her find a "cool/hip" restaurant to accomodate her and her 25 friends. she mentioned hard rock at universal, I mentioned c & o trattoria in the marina...she's not excited.

any recs in the LA vicinity..roughly $25 to $30 per person.

thx so much.

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  1. Maybe something like 25 Degrees at the terminally hip Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel?

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    1. re: Servorg

      Sorry, meant to provide the Place Link: here it is

      25 Degrees Restaurant
      7000 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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        Just a note that there's an enormous Halloween party every year at the Roosevelt (that is 21+) so it will be madness there. If she's willing to do it a different night, Roosevelt is a great idea. Actually, I'm sure all of Hollywood and West Hollywood will be nuts that night so I'd try to avoid those areas.

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          You are just SOOO hip!!! Hate you!!! (actually, not. Love. xxoo)

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            Sort of along the same lines - maybe Lucky devil's in Hollywood? But I agree with Molly - getting in and out of Weho or Hollywood on Halloween night is probably not something you want to try to do. I was going to suggest Baby Blues BBQ in Weho - I went to a birthday dinner there last weekend for a slightly older birthday boy and 15 of his closest friends and it worked out great - but you won't be able to get near SM Blvd that night. So maybe there's some place in Culver City /Venice / Santa Monica?

      2. C&O???? Whoa, not hip!!!

        Her and her BEST 25 friends, I'm sure!!!! Wow, and you're taking them out - so nice, I need a nice Tio/Tia......

        I'm old now, so I don't know where all those young 'uns hang now. When I moved here it was the Viper Room. (I know, I'm showing my age). Too bad they're underage.

        Well, if it's tragically hip, it must be in H'wood or Weho.

        Cafe Was
        Chateau Marmont
        Simon LA
        Blue on Blue

        All I can say is, good luck with that one!!! And, have fun!

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        1. re: Phurstluv

          blue on blue at the avalon is no more. replaced by Oliverio - italian food. the scene is still hip though.

          i'd say bazaar but they, too, will probably be packed on halloween.

          i agree with OCAnn below:

        2. If she mentioned Hard Rock @ Universal, take her to Hard Rock @ Universal.

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            i agree with this - if it's where she wants to go, that's easier for you. traffic all over the city is an absolute nightmare on halloween and so going somewhere with parking would be good. also, finding capacity for a group of 16-year-olds might be tough in places that serve alcohol b/c halloween is probably a profitable night and i don't think they'd want to give up seats.

            1. So she just emailed me and said she's changed the date to Sat. Nov 14th, which is sooo much better...for all of us...
              These are great recs...she loves all the ideas...thx so much.