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Oct 14, 2009 03:35 PM

Store with Large Selection of Kim Chee

Need to buy a bunch of different kinds of kim chee for a Korean friend's party. Any suggestions on super markets that would have a bunch of different kinds I could buy.

I live in DC but am willing to go to Annandale if necessary.


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  1. SUper H Mart or whatever it is called. There is one on Georgia just south of Randolph if htat is easier than going to Annandale.

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    1. re: deangold

      H Mart is Wheaton has gone to a case full of prepacked items from Genga out of New York. I forgot about this unfortunate turn of events!

    2. h mart
      one in wheaton one in gaithersburg

      1. If you want the best kim chi and a good selection, go to Rainbow Catering in Annandale. It is a step above the stuff you will find in korean grocery (with one caviet). The version of kadugee (small cubed radish kimchi) the best version is found at Super H in fairfax. All others, go with rainbow. They have dong chi mee (water radish kimchi).

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        1. re: Soup

          Do you have an address? I couldn't find this place through a web search. Or do you know the name in Korean?



          1. re: sekelmaan

            I believe this is on Little River Turnpike about a half block west of the intersection with Ravensworth Road on the south side if LRT (just east of Jerry's subs, in a 1-story small old strip mall).

            1. re: weezycom

              it's right next to le matin de paris.

              1. re: xdcx

                Okay, that's across the street from the storefront I was thinking of.

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                  xdcx is correct. Right next to le matin de paris. At rainbow catering, ask them for the newly made kimchi. They do sell "ripe" version and people generally make chigae and other dishes but they are a bit sour. The newly made stuff will "ripen" in your fridge. I had some at dinner (bought about 2 weeks ago) and it was perfect.

          2. H Mart in Falls Church is near-ish the metro (Dunn loring, I think would be the closest stop - and even then, probably a 10-15 minute walk) but also not a bad drive in non-peak hours. I go from the District there about every other week!